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Please for purchasing procedure flow chart.

For purchases under $500

Purchases totaling under $500 can be acquired by College credit card or Check Request Form. If an invoice is submitted, an Invoice Approval Form is required. No Purchase Order is required, unless a *"Restricted" purchase.

Purchasing items such as memberships, dues, conference registrations, subscriptions, etc. work under the category of purchase. Please note: All purchases, regardless of amount, require prior supervisor or budget authority approval.

*Restricted purchases require additional methods of purchasing and approvals. These purchases include:

  • Office Supplies
  • Computers, Peripherals and Software
  • Copying Services
  • Media Equipment
  • Office Furniture


For purchases between $500 and $999:

For purchases of goods or services between $500 and $999 that are not processed on the purchasing credit card, a formal purchase requisition form is completed by a department employee, signed by an authorized department representative and sent to the Purchasing & Procurement Office for entry into the Colleague system creating a purchase order which encumbers funds.

Invoice Approval Form or Check Request Form may be used for items such as memberships, honorariums, registrations, etc. Please note that all independent contractors, sole proprietors, 1099 status vendors should not be processed on the College Purchasing Card.

Please follow existing procedures for purchases of technology & media (contact IT), furniture (contact Purchasing & Procurement) and office supplies (see W.B. Mason).

For Purchases between $1000 - $5000:

Purchases between $1000 and $5000 require additional approvals for the purchase such as signature of the President's Direct Report (or designee). A President's Direct Report may assign designees for approvals (up to three for large areas). If designees are assigned, a hardcopy list must be submitted with their names and signatures to the Budget office, Purchasing & Procurement office and the Accounts Payable office.

Competitive bidding is highly recommended for any good or service over $1000 and the expectation is that two quotes will be solicited. There are rare cases when only one vendor can provide the goods or services and schools and administrative units should check with Purchasing & Procurement to confirm a sole source vendor.

For Purchases exceeding $5000:

Purchases of goods and services over $5000 require the completion of a "Request to Expend Funds Over $5000" form (found here) which requires President's Direct Report (or designee), Budget Director and Sr. Vice President for Finance and Administration's signature to initiate the purchase. Competitive bidding is required and the expectation is that at least three quotes will be solicited.

Purchase Requisition forms include the following information:

  • Suggested Vendor
  • Quantity; Description of goods & service; Total Amount
  • Department Account number and object code to charge the expense to
  • Delivery instructions
  • Signature by an Authorized Departmental Approver
  • Signature by a President's Direct Report (if applicable)
  • Attach Quote from the suggested vendor. Orders over $5000 must include three competitive quotes.

Purchase requisition forms are available online.


Purchasing and Procurement

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