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Space Requests

Space Request Form must be submitted to request any space related changes which include, but are not limited to, any of the following:

  • Change existing office location
  • Occupy additional space, including storage
  • Renovate existing space  
  • Temporarily use additional space or storage  

Some space requests require approval from the SPC, including requests for additional space or to change the use of an existing space. 

Routine requests, such as an office change within a department's existing space, will be reviewed and approved by staff within Buildings & Grounds and will not require SPC approval.

Please note: all requests for office moves, including offices within existing department space, require submittal of a space request form.  Simmons Technology will not move computers or phones without an approved space request form from Buildings & Grounds.

All requests for space changes will be reviewed based on budget, schedule, and level of need.

The SPC meets monthly.  Any space requests requiring SPC approval will be placed on the agenda for a monthly meeting.  The requester may be asked to attend to present the request and to answer any questions.


Work Order Procedure

A work order is used to report any problem related to physical space on campus or to request repair or related work in any existing physical space on campus. To see a detailed list of common work orders please click here.

Please contact Judith Bernier, Assistant Project Manager, Buildings & Grounds with any questions.

Phone: x2279