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Institution-Wide Student Learning Goals

The goals proposed below are student learning goals for all Simmons students, undergraduate and graduate. They were originally crafted by the Central Integrative Assessment Committee (CIAC) and underwent several rounds of revision based on quantitative and qualitative feedback from Simmons faculty, staff, and administration. These goals are intended to be sufficiently broad so as to encompass the aspirations for students in all our schools. They should inform the development, where necessary, of measurable, school-based learning goals. Certain goals that are important in some schools but not others have been intentionally omitted from this list; they should be represented among the goals of those individual schools or programs.

In their pursuit of transformative learning that links passion with lifelong purpose, successful students in our graduate and undergraduate schools will:

  1. Master the skills and content of their discipline
  2. Discover, evaluate, and apply information
  3. Communicate with clarity and persuasiveness
  4. Collaborate well with others while demonstrating leadership skills
  5. Demonstrate ethical responsibility and commitment to a diverse, inclusive community
  6. Integrate learning with their lives and aspirations


For student learning goals and other assessment information at specific Schools at Simmons College, see the links below: