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Academic Leadership

What does it mean to be an academic leader in the most competitive higher education market in the United States? It takes discipline, strategy, collaboration, and a passion for learning.

Academic Leadership, Defined

Academic Leadership, Defined

Learn how Simmons's provost and five academic deans guide student-centered programs that educate a new generation of leaders for a world of new challenges. Download the mini-magazine.

Provost Katie Conboy

Katie Conboy is Provost and Senior Vice President of Simmons College. She brings more than 25 years of academic, administrative, and professional accomplishments to Simmons. Dr. Conboy started her career as Assistant Professor of English at Stonehill College and emerged early as a faculty leader, serving twice as Moderator of the Faculty Assembly. Shortly after her promotion to full Professor, Dr. Conboy was tapped as Acting Vice President and Dean at Stonehill, and she continued in the Chief Academic Officer role for 13 years, becoming Vice President for Academic Affairs in 2001 and Provost in 2008. Read More »

Dean Renée White
College of Arts and Sciences

Renée White, new dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, describes Simmons as innovative, collaborative, and equitable. She describes herself as a leader who likes to inspire others to take chances, and she is convinced that Simmons has the opportunity to develop "new habits of mind" for the 21st century. Read More »

Dean Cathy Minehan
School of Management

Cathy Minehan, dean of the School of Management, is new to Simmons but already has spent countless hours talking to professors asking them, "What would you do if you were me?" She sees herself as a leader who sets targets and goals, and who listens and revises her decisions based on others' input. Read More »

Dean Judy Beal
School of Nursing and Health Sciences

Judy Beal, dean of the School of Nursing and Health Sciences, has grown - and grown up - at Simmons. Beal has been an educator, researcher, and leader at Simmons for nearly 30 years. She cares deeply about the College, and has worked to strengthen its visibility and reputation. She sees her school, in particular, as a collaborative and collegial contributor to Simmons and to the world. Read More »

Interim Dean Suzanne Sankar
School of Social Work

Suzanne Sankar, Interim Dean of the School of Social Work, espouses theories of positive leadership, which emphasize strengths, connections, and meaningfulness. She believes the SSW offers an innovative and disruptive approach to education, exemplified most recently by the new Socialwork@simmons MSW degree. Read More »

Dean Eileen Abels
Graduate School of Library and Information Science

Eileen Abels, Dean of the Graduate School of Library and Information Science, is a participative leader who believes in the power of teamwork and communication. Read More »