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CAS Graduate Study Success Stories

Obtaining The Unonbtainable

Bliss secured a consultancy at a premier Fortune 100 firm after completing her degree.

My MCM degree enabled me to pursue and obtain a consulting position with a premier Fortune 100 firm that had previously been unattainable. Although I had performed organizational development and change management consulting for 17 years prior to completing my degree, most top-consulting firms required an advanced degree in addition to practical experience. After completing my MCM degree at Simmons, I was not only able to obtain a senior consulting position as an organization change consultant, but my salary increased immediately by 33 percent!

I now have opportunities to work at the top executive level on business transformation efforts that involve global enterprises. I am able to influence and shape the approach organizations take in order to achieve their transformation objectives from a national and often, an international perspective.

Another positive impact was the richness of my learning experience. Simmons' MCM program has some incredibly bright and talented individuals who serve as faculty. This, coupled with the caliber of the individuals who attend the MCM program, makes for very rich discussions and learning. I can list numerous methods, tools and frameworks to which I was exposed that I have been able to apply to my consulting engagements - bringing increased value to my clients.

In October 2002, the consulting firm I work for acquired another consulting firm. I have been able to draw upon my ALP work, using an ethnographic approach, to identify and respond to a variety of communication issues that have surfaced. It is incredibly exciting and rewarding to "live" what I learned through my ALP.

My Applied Learning Project (ALP) involved identifying the key communication issues that impact the "human side" of mergers and acquisitions. I have served as a subject matter expert to my consulting colleagues on how to shape change management strategies and transition plans for organizations undergoing the transformation. My ALP "product" is now being sold by Bell-Lindsay, Inc. (my ALP sponsor) and is helping many organizations address cultural integration issues. Recently I was identified as a potential candidate to assist in writing a book on the subject for my company - Stay tuned!