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Library & Information Science Success Stories

Anne Gancarz '10LS

Anna Gancarz '10LS
Title: GSLIS Western Campus Leadership Award

Favorite classes

Literacy to Underserved Populations taught by Shelley Quezada and User Instruction taught by Terry Plum. Both gave me an expansive view of library services. They made me want to (and see the need to) bring the library outside the walls of the building.

GSLIS involvement

Since I was already working full-time at the Chicopee Public Library while taking classes, I tended to be involved with the Simmons community through my library. We have offered our library as an archives site for an upcoming archives intern. I was invited to be a guest speaker to the User Instruction class during this past semester and I am creating a couple of interesting and mutually useful volunteer projects for two Simmons students for this coming summer.

What does your job entail?

Currently, I work with Chicopee's Council on Aging, the YMCA, the Alzheimer's Association, the Sheriff's Department, and the Valley Opportunity Council. I am a member of the Adult Basic Education Community Planning Partnership as well as the planning board for Chicopee's National Night Out. I make library services available to each of these groups in ways that are tailored to each one. For example, at the Council on Aging, I set up a satellite library in their building every Monday morning. Seniors can check out and request items from me as well as return items to the book drop that we put in their facility.