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Library & Information Science Success Stories

William P. Helman, Jr. '10LS

Title: The Student Chapter of the American society for Information Science and Technology Outstanding Information Science Award

Favorite classes

Without a doubt my two favorite classes were Digital Libraries with Candy Schwartz and Web Development and Information Architecture with Linda Braun. Along with XML and Database Management I really think they cover some of the most important areas for tech-focused academic librarians. In addition to those, I was also extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to take Reference with Allen Smith. Besides being an amazing instructor, lecturer and storyteller, he was an amazing person. I only knew him for a very short time, but he had a profound impact on me. Both in terms of who I want to be a librarian, and as a person.

GSLIS involvement

As liaison my role was to take part in both NEASIS&T and Simmons ASIS&T functions, and report back and forth between them. I am currently chair of the NEASIS&T program committee.

Dream job?

In general I am really interested in the potential of social media and mobile technology in learning. So, I am aiming for something in that direction. Essentially, though, I really want something where I could spend about a third of my time coding library websites, a third of my time doing instruction and the rest working with users at the at the front desk. That would be awesome.