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Diversity & Inclusion

Simmons is an engaged and diverse community, offering a wide range of opportunities for students of every background to get involved.

With about a fifth of undergraduate Simmons students identifying as African American, Latina, Asian, Native American, and multi-racial — and with up to 40 states and 39 countries represented — Simmons is serious about supporting religious, cultural, racial, sexual orientation, gender and ability diversity.  Opportunities abound for students who want to engage with a group of others who share their interests and concerns.  Simmons works to weave Diversity throughout its campus culture, in the classroom and outside of it.

Here are just a few examples of student-centered diverse organizations:

  • Organizacion Latino America (OLA) serves to educate and enrich both the Simmons and outside community by organizing events that represent the Latino/Hispanic community through art, music, food, lectures and other activities.
  • The French Liaison's charter is to create a welcoming environment for students interested in learning about France and Francophone countries.
  • The Association of Black Social Workers is the Simmons Student Chapter of the NABSW.
  • The Sexuality, Women and Gender Center (SWAG) is dedicated to increasing awareness about health and social issues concerning members of the Simmons community, with events such as Love Your Body Week, Feminism and Dessert, LunaFest and Take Back the Night!
  • The Black Student Organization (BSO) has a mission to redefine sisterhood for its black females on campus while channeling its efforts to the outside community
  • The purpose of the Dotson Bridge and Mentoring Program is to enhance the educational experience and success of ALANA Students enrolled in the nursing program.
  • The Gospel Choir's purpose is to increase awareness of different genres of music and to help the Simmons Community be involved spiritually and mentally
  • The Like Minds Coalition is a group of Simmons students who are committed to a community culture that fosters awareness and respect of a diverse array of people, cultures, abilities and experiences
  • The Simmons Model UN attempts to advance understanding of the United Nations as well as historical and contemporary international issues
  • The ALANA Nursing Association (ALANA Nursing) provides cultural enlightenment for the Simmons community, striving to foster a cultural community, enhance networking at Simmons College and encourage pluralism on the part of faculty, administration and the student body.

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How are students learning about diversity and inclusion at Simmons during this academic year?  Through experiences like these:

  • Attending an event sponsored by the Center for Gender in Organizations, such as business founders Masayo Kodamo and Siiri Morley speaking on "Global Social Entrepreneurs:  Women Changing Women's Lives"
  • Participating in the Big Sister Association's Diversity Council presents its "Conversations Among Women" Dialogue Series.  "Eye-rolling, Finger-snapping Stereotypes:  Is Reality TV Keeping it Real?"
  • Taking a course offering social and historical perspectives, such as:  "Understanding Islam in Historical Perspective," or "The Arab-Israeli Conflict"
  • Making a film, leading a residence hall discussion, volunteering at Project Bread, attending a poetry reading, attending a spiritual or religious event, playing on a sports team -- You name it!  Opportunities abound for learning about ourselves and others at Simmons!