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Over a period of approximately sixteen months, from January 2012 to summer of 2013, SLIS surveyed the 2012 graduates on a rolling basis as each class—January, May, and August—graduated. The Library Journal's "Placement & Salaries Survey" was posted online via surveymonkey.com. Emails were sent to graduates with a link to the survey within three months of graduation. Follow up emails were sent approximately every two months to those who did not respond. The final follow up email was sent to non-respondents in July 2013.

Of our 325 graduates, 64% responded to the survey. The results reflect only these respondents, and of those who reported employment within the first year after graduation. The survey is anonymous. The raw data was sent to Library Journal for their annual placement article. Full results of all participating institutions can be found at http://lj.libraryjournal.com/2013/10/placements-and-salaries/2013-survey/explore-all-the-data-2013.

SLIS opted to add specifications of "Professional" and "Non-professional" for employment outside of the LIS field, as reflected in the table below.

Overall Survey Response Rate, 2012 Salary and Placement Survey:

  • Total 2012 Graduates: 325
  • Survey response: 64% (208)

Employment Status In and Outside of the Library/Information Science Field:

Employment Status 2012 (n=199)

In LIS: 74% (148)

Outside LIS 19% (37)

93% (185)
Unemployed 7% (14)
TOTAL 100% (199)

Professional or Non-Professional Status:

Position Status 2012 (n=171)


73% (125)
Non-Professional 20% (35)
Outside of the field (Pro) 4% (6)
Outside of the field (Non-pro) 3% (5)
TOTAL 100%