Valerie Diggs

Coordinator of Libraries, Chelmsford Public Schools

Valerie Diggs

Valerie Diggs is the department head of school libraries for the Chelmsford Public Schools. Diggs manages the operation of seven school libraries and a 14-member staff. She has served as department head for five years and as high school librarian for 11 years. Diggs has most recently completed the transformation of the Chelmsford High School library to a true learning commons space. This transformation took place programmatically over many years and physically during the summer of 2008.

Diggs has published articles in major journals. The feature article in the April 2009 issue of Teacher Librarian spotlighted her Learning Commons program and space, and her article on inquiry-based learning, titled "Ask, Think, Create" appeared in the June 2009 issue of Knowledge Quest. Diggs, in collaboration with her son, Paul Mihailidis, was published in Public Library Quarterly's 2010 fall issue with an article titled "From Information Reserve to Media Literacy Learning Commons: Revisiting the 21st Century Library as the Home for Media Literacy Education."

Diggs is a member of the Massachusetts School Library Media Association's Executive Board and is currently president of this organization. She is also the director of Region One for the American Association of School Librarians. Through all of this work, Diggs has a keen focus on the importance of the preparation of young adults for life through the acquisition of 21st-century skills.

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