First impressions count. The following resources provide tips about how to approach the latest interview styles, how to handle difficult questions, as well as how to dress for success.

Bailo, P.J. (2011). The essential phone interview handbook. Pompton Plains, N.J.: Career Press.

Praised by the Library Journal, this book examines how to handle the overlooked phone interview. While phone interviews are becoming a more common precursor to face-to-face interviews, they also pose unique challenges for job seekers. As the chief executive officer of Phone Interview Pro, Paul J. Bailo offers tips about the logistics and etiquette associated with coordinating and managing phone interviews. While some of the initial advice seems like common sense, valuable counsel begins around page 21, as the author offers troubleshooting tips and resources to help audition for the interview. A detailed table of contents and subject index is available to make is easier to access information. The book is available in paperback and on the Kindle for about $10 on Amazon.

Interviewing. (2012, October 12). Simmons College LibGuides. Retrieved November 13, 2012 from

The Simmons College's LibGuides lists a collection of the latest career services librarian-recommended print and online interviewing resources for the Simmons community. In an easy-to-read format, one section features print books available at Beatley Library, which include 101 Great Answers to the Toughest Interview Questions, Acing the Interview, among others. The LibGuide also lists similar books that are available through interlibrary loan, such as 60 Seconds and You're Hired! and The Unspoken Rules of Getting Hired. Users can also sign up for RSS feeds to receive regular updates about new resources. A search engine box is also available to search the Simmons Library catalog. A tab for online librarian-recommended interviewing resources can also be accessed through the site, which includes links to the Career Education Center Resources, as well as links for how to follow-up with a thank you note.

National Association of Colleges and Employers. (2012, August). Interview essentials. Job Choices, 59-64. Retrieved from

Developed by the National Association of College and Employers, the six-page guide provides a concisely detailed overview of interview types and preparation tips, commonly asked interview questions, questions to ask a prospective employer, as well as a review of dress code. Despite not mentioning specific video platforms to use during an interview, the guide provides a helpful detailed overview of how to conduct a video interview, as well as troubleshooting tips. The article's visual highlights and formatting allow for easy browsing and identification of topics. While a table of contents exists in the front of the magazine, it does not identify the page numbers for the topics mentioned here.

Salusso, C., Ward, E., McLean, R., and Haining, D. (2012). Dress to impress: A guide. Retrieved from

Washington State University College researchers present a concise article featuring interview dress guidelines for men and women, as well as tips about how to dress for an interview on a limited budget. The article was based on a graduate student's master's thesis. The authors provide excellent visual examples of various complete fashion ensembles for men and women rated on a "least" to "most" recommended styles spectrum. The ratings are based on feedback from recruiters in a variety of industries. While the guide does not include estimated pricing for the attire, it provides excellent visual models and guidelines for those who need fashion interview guidance.

The Riley Guide. (1998-2012). Network, interview, and negotiate: Interviewing. Retrieved from

Created by a university librarian in 1994 for job seekers and recruiters, The Riley Guide is considered one of the leading online career resource databases. It contains more than 1,600 resources about jobs, careers, and education. Selected by an editorial staff, current links to the latest leading magazine articles and career expert commentary are included about the following topics: interview advice, behavioral based interviews, the 30-second elevator pitch, the videoconference interview, addressing problems, improper interview questions, overqualified interviewees, after the interview, and interview variations. The articles reflect the most current trends in interviewing, such as tips about how to handle "speed" and Skype interviews, as well as creating memorable business cards. Resources include articles featured in the New York Times and other career websites, as well as commentary by expert career coaches, such as Susan Ireland, and university career center directors. The resources are arranged according to topic heading without attention given to chronological or alphabetical order.

Vault. (2007, May 4). Interview dos and don'ts [YouTube video file]. Retrieved from

Don't have time to prepare for an in person interview? Then, watch Vault's four minute interview video covering proper handshake technique, appropriate interview attire and make-up, and tactics to handle tricky interview situations. Rated by Fortune as "the best place on the Web to prepare for a job search," Vault is an online career management database resource that provides information solutions for professionals and students who are pursuing and managing high-potential careers. Although the segment does not cover video interviews, interview questions to ask, or how to research an employer prior to an interview, it's an effective visual course for those who need quick tips immediately.