The SLIS core curriculum requires students to take at least one* Technology course. Students may choose from one of four "Tier I" courses to fulfill this requirement:

Each of these courses addresses the following learning outcomes:

  1. Learn fundamental technology concepts and vocabulary
  2. Ability to analyze and evaluate technology problems
  3. Liaise and communicate on technology issues
  4. Learn, use and apply appropriate technology solutions
  5. Ability to develop website solutions
  6. Learn and apply scripting and programming fundamentals

The above four courses were chosen as they offer something to nearly every student entering the SLIS program. In some unique cases, however, students come into the SLIS program already having a deep level of experience with Technology in an LIS setting. In those cases, students should talk to their advisors about potentially taking a more advanced Technology class to fulfill the requirement.

The Technology curriculum also includes the following "Tier II" courses, all of which have one of the introductory courses as a pre-requisite.

* Although there is a minimum core Technology requirement, students are encouraged to take as many as they'd like, both at the introductory level and, once those pre-requisites are in place, at the more advanced level.