Faculty Research: Daniel N. Joudrey

Assistant Professor Daniel N. Joudrey has just published his first book. The Organization of Information (3rd ed.), co-written with Arlene G. Taylor, is the textbook for information organization, used by students in LIS programs everywhere. Joudrey, who has been working with Taylor since he was a grad student at the University of Pittsburgh, has been at GSLIS since 2005.

In addition to preparing to work on the 4th edition of The Organization of Information, Joudrey is writing a book for Libraries Unlimited, tentatively titled, "Puzzles and Pearls: Determining What Something is About." The book is based on his dissertation research, and focuses on the nature of 'aboutness' and subject access to information resources. He, Taylor, and Tina Gross, are also currently involved in a research project on the value of Library of Congress subject headings in information retrieval in OPACs.

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