Faculty Research: James Matarazzo

Dean & Professor Emeritus James Matarazzo, '65LS is engaged in a series of research articles with Dr. Toby Pearlstein, '87LS on the management and evaluation of corporate libraries. This investigation has led to the publication of "A Review of Research Related to Management of Corporate Libraries," in Advances in Librarianship, V. 31, 2008, pp. 83-114. This chapter will be followed by a series of six articles in Searcher Magazine, starting with the May 2009 issue. These articles, in the form of case studies, will explore the tools and skills, alternative sourcing arrangements and other topics need in order to better equip corporate library managers to be come thought leaders in their organizations.

Dr. Matarazzo is also conducting research on corporate libraries in the U.K., France, Spain and Japan. The focus of this research is on methods of evaluation and determining the strategic alignment of library/information center goals with those of the corporation.

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