Simmons GSLIS Welcomes Two New Professors

Simmons GSLIS welcomes Amber Stubbs '05UG and Chaoqun Ni to the faculty in Fall 2014. Their computer science expertise will compliment the course offerings in GSLIS' new Information Science & Technology concentration.

Amber Stubbs is an award-winning educator, software developer, and co-author of Natural Language Annotation for Machine Learning, which she co-wrote with Dr. James Pustejovsky of Brandeis University. Most recently, Stubbs was a postdoctoral associate at SUNY Albany after she received her master's and doctorate degrees in computer science at Brandeis University. Her doctoral dissertation, "A Methodology for Using Professional Knowledge in Corpus Annotation" involved creating an annotation methodology to extract information from natural language files, particularly biomedical texts. Her research interests include corpus building and annotation, annotation methodology, temporal analysis of natural language, bioclinical annotation and data mining, narrative structure, machine learning, and computational linguistics.

Chaoqun Ni's research has appeared in a variety of computer science, informatics, library, and scientific publications, including Nature, Scientometrics, Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology, and Simmons GSLIS' Library and Information Science Research. In addition to receiving a Dean's Fellowship from the Department of Information & Library Science at Indiana University Bloomington, Ni received the Association for Information Science and Technology's New Leader Award in 2011 and the Association for Library and Information Science Education Doctoral Student Award in 2014. Ni is finishing her doctorate in information science in the Department of Information and Library Science in the School of Informatics & Computing at Indiana University. Her dissertation is titled, "Doctoral Mentoring and Protégé Scholarly Practice."  She received bachelor's and master's degrees in information systems and e-commerce from Wuhan University in China.



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