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GSLIS Alum Named "Mover & Shaker"

tom.jpgSimmons GSLIS Alum Tom Blake '06LS has been named a "Mover & Shaker" by Library Journal. The list calls attention to the advancements and innovations of library professionals. As Digital Projects Manager at the Boston Public Library, Blake has been pivotal in the growth of the library's Digital Services department, created in 2005. See the Boston Public Library's press release and the full list of 2014 Movers & Shakers.

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MLIP/Ph.D. Candidate: Free Range Librarian Karen Schneider

Thumbnail image for KarenSchneiderPhoto.jpg"Although we take it for granted how easy it is to use email today, it was difficult to explain to users twenty years ago. People would ask, 'Do you have to be there when the message arrives?'" Simmons GSLIS MLIP/Ph.D. candidate Karen Schneider reflects on her early technology lessons. If you have heard of the Free Range Librarian or read the American Libraries' "Internet Librarian" and American Library Association's (ALA) "TechSource" columns, you know Schneider as an expert in teaching librarians to use and share technology. When she is not writing literary articles or participating in zymurgy, Schneider is the University Librarian at Holy Names University, which has about 1,400 students and received the highest diversity score in the U.S. News and World Report 2012 to 2013 rankings.

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Snapshot: Kate Thornhill '13LS

KateThornhillphoto.jpgAn award-winning graduate of Simmons GSLIS, Kate Thornhill '13LS was recently hired as the Visual Resource Curator at Lesley University College of Art & Design. Thornhill tells us how her academic and work experience helped her land her ideal job.

Why did you decide to attend Simmons GSLIS? What motivated you to concentrate in digital curation?

Since I have bachelor's degrees in art history and photography, I was looking to combine my interests after completing my undergraduate degrees at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and working in a Visual Resources Center. The emerging field of digital curation offered that opportunity.

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Jason Wood Unlocks Simmons College Archives' Treasures

"You constantly need to be creative. A collection is only as relevant as you make it."

                                    - Jason Wood, '01LS, '11SOM

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for jason-wood_rdax_400x266.jpg"Archives peddle nostalgia," says Jason Wood '01LS, '11SOM the Simmons College Archivist and Head of Discovery Services in the College Library. A recent New York Times article features research supporting that nostalgia can "counteract loneliness, boredom, and anxiety making people more generous toward strangers and more accepting of outsiders." Yet the Simmons College Archives offers more than warm and fuzzy sentiments associated with the school's past.

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Faculty Column: Dr. Mary Frances Zilonis, Director of the Simmons GSLIS School Library Teacher Program

Thumbnail image for Franzilonisphoto.jpg"We have more jobs than students to fill them. There are currently 31 school library positions in the state that I did not have anyone to send to for an interview," said Dr. Mary Frances Zilonis, Professor of Practice and Director of the Simmons GSLIS School Library Teacher Program (SLTP), about school library teacher vacancies. After receiving distinction as one of the top ten leading school library programs in the 2013 U.S. News and World Report rankings, the SLTP's award-winning faculty, comprehensive network, practical curriculum, and community are all part of  "a ladder for students to achieve success," stated Zilonis. Since Zilonis became director of the GSLIS SLTP in 2010, 100% of the students seeking employment after graduation have secured school library jobs.

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Judi Paradis, President of the Massachusetts School Library Association and School Library Teacher at Waltham Plympton Elementary School

JudiParadis.jpgIf there's one school library teacher GSLIS Professor Fran Zilonis wants the School Library Teacher Program (SLTP) students to meet, it's Judi Paradis. GSLIS SLTP students take a tour of Paradis' Plympton School Library in Waltham, Mass. every year.  She is known in education circles for her leadership role as President of the Massachusetts School Library Association (MSLA), and patrons of her elementary school know Paradis for sponsoring award-winning literacy and cultural enrichment events that motivate children and families to love reading. As the winner of the MSLA Super-Librarian Accolade and AASL's Vision Tour Award, Paradis is re-defining the role of school librarians and the future of school libraries in Massachusetts.

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Creating Your Own Career: Andromeda Yelton by Jennifer Moyer

Dean's Editorial Fellow Jennifer Moyer interviews GSLIS graduates who have gone on to become entrepreneurs in the LIS field. Read more about their strategies for creating dynamic new tools for librarians and library patrons.

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Emerging Entrepreneur: Andromeda Yelton '10LS

"I do things that need doing. I learn things I don't know yet so I can do six impossible things before breakfast," Andromeda Yelton '10LS states in her LinkedIn profile. She was the third employee of, a start-up that creates a win-win situation for authors, publishers, readers, and libraries by making books accessible online for free.

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Creating Your Own Career: Abby Blachly by Jennifer Moyer

librarything.jpgSeasoned Entrepreneur: Abby Blachly '05LS

LibraryThing has become a household name in the library world since Katherine Dunn interviewed Abby Blachly in 2008. In five years, the company has quadrupled in size, created a new division, and developed a host of new products used by hundreds libraries worldwide.  LibraryThing's social book cataloguing application has more than 1.6 million users around the globe. Yet success didn't come easy for the start-up.


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Creating Your Own Career: Mary Ellen Heinen by Jennifer Moyer

 MaryEllenHeinmenphoto.jpgThe Veteran: Mary Ellen Heinen

With more than 20 years of entrepreneurial experience, Mary Ellen Heinen is proof that a degree in library and information science has market value that extends beyond a traditional library or archive. Her latest venture involves a curation and preservation app called Timebox; Heinen shares lessons learned from taking a product from concept to marketing.

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Interview: Cressida Hanson, Cruise Ship Librarian by Jennifer Moyer

CressidaHansonlibraryphoto.jpegCan librarians have adventures while they work? Cressida Hanson '11LS does. She shares her experiences as a cruise ship librarian traveling the seven seas, organizing books clubs, and leading party line dancing. As a student leader at the Simmons Graduate School of Library and Information Science (GSLIS), Hanson created a "Brown Bag" lunchtime series, was an AmeriCorps Student Leader in Service, and was a Beta Phi Mu initiate. 

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Hey, Job Seeker, Spring Means Conference Season. Are You Prepared?

Students and/or job seekers need to keep active with professional development by attending national and regional conferences. Below are tips I have developed over the years that will lead to conference-going ease and success.

Plan Your Time, But Remain Flexible
Most conferences will list the schedule online several weeks in advance. Take a look through this and begin planning your time before the conference begins. Since there will be much going on during the actual conference, it's good to have an idea beforehand of the sessions you would like to attend. That said, remain flexible. If you strike up a good conversation, or are asked to help out with a different session, consider changing your plans. Successfully experiencing a conference is equal parts learning and networking. So get involved, mingle, and be present.

Look Professional
Whether you are wearing a suit or not, it is important to look work place appropriate. This is not the time to wear leggings and that new tunic you just bought from The Gap. Err on the conservative side of dress. This doesn't mean that you can't express your unique personality, but keep it classy.

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