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How Prison Libraries Can Make a Safer World

At some point, 95% of the incarcerated will be released into the general public. They need programs and services to help them re-enter society peacefully and productively. Libraries offer that opportunity. -- Julie Steenson '14LS


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Making a Difference with Librarians Without Borders

BrandieBurrowsSchoolBookMark.jpgGSLIS master's student Brandie Burrows personifies public service. As a former Peace Corps volunteer in Honduras, she taught entrepreneurial fundamentals to women business owners and helped establish youth centers. While she was at the home of her host family, the maid thought she was "rich because I had so many books. I tried to explain to her the idea of borrowing books for free. It was a completely unfathomable concept. I realized she had never been to a library. Then, I started thinking about being a librarian." While in graduate school, she searched for her next opportunity to improve conditions for those in another part of the world. When she stumbled upon Librarians without Borders (LWB) in a Simmons GSLIS newsletter listing, she applied to the school that night. 

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Faculty Profile: Melanie Kimball

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Associate Professor Melanie Kimball's quest to prove the value of children's and young adult (YA) library services has not always been easy. "You will never get a job," she was told by a university dean after she declared her doctoral research interests: the history of youth services in early twentieth century public libraries and literature for children and young adults. Inspired by her mother, an elementary school librarian, Kimball left New York City to become a scholar in the children's and YA library services field. Despite the dire prediction from the dean, Kimball was hired to teach children's and YA library services to LIS master's students at the University at Buffalo after she completed her Ph.D. at the University of Illinois. "There was a need for professors to teach children's and YA literature and library services and there were few people who specialized in the area at the time," Kimball says.

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Snapshot: Mariah Manley

MariahManleyphoto.jpgMariah Manley shares what she has learned about building bridges, working with executive management, balancing budgets, and other skills as the outgoing Library and Information Science Student Association (LISSA) president. Read how Manley is building her career by taking advantage of GSLIS opportunities to develop her talents and networks.

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