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General Information

For general information about podcasting, visit these websites:

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Mid-Range Professional Audio Recorder Brands:

SLIScast currently uses the M-Audio Microtrack 24/96 recorder. Brands worth looking at include:

Low cost "Digital Voice Recorders" are generally not recommended due to issues with file formats, required software and drivers, lack of external microphone inputs, etc.

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Digital Camcorders

SLIScast uses a Canon Elura-100 MiniDV Camcorder. There are many other low-cost digital camcorders available. However, whatever you choose, ensure that it has jacks for an external microphone and for Firewire (IEE-1394). Also consider purchasing a decent tripod. We use a Velbon Videomate 607.

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We have experimented with a number of microphones. Some of the more successful compromises between price and quality include:

  • "T-Microphone" included with Microtrack recorder
  • Audio-Technica ATR-35S Lavalier Microphone (~$35)
  • Shure 588SDX Handheld Microphone (~$65)
  • Nady CBM 40 Boundary Microphone (~$90, requires external power source)

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When more than two audio sources are required or an externally-powered microphone is used, we use a Samson MDR-1064 10-channel mixer.

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Sound Editing Software

Editing software is crucial in producing a professional-sounding podcast with audio from multiple sources. Below are some of the tools we have evaluated:

  • Audacity (PC, Mac, Linux) - Free, open source audio editor. Good way to get started, but extremely slow when working with large files.
  • Adobe Audition (PC) - Primary editing software for SLIScast. Adobe also makes a product called SoundBooth that is bundled with some editions of CreativeStudio. We have not evaluated this.
  • Soundforge (PC) PC audio editor. "Soundforge Audio Studio" is a lower-cost version without multitrack capabilities. Not recommended for Podcast production.
  • Amadeus - Very good low-cost Mac audio editor.
  • Garageband (Mac) - Bundled with new Macs; designed more for music than for Podcast production. Publishing Software
  • Loudblog - Loudblog is a free, open-source content management system for Podcast publishing. It requires a web server running PHP and MySQL.

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Creative Commons Music Resources

For more about Creative Commons licensing, visit

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