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Welcome, new students! We've created this page in hopes that it will help you register for your first set of classes. If at any point you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at SLISreg@simmons.edu.

Registering for Semester #1

As a new student, you will only have a few decisions you will need to make in order to register for your first semester's set of classes:

1. How many classes are you planning on taking?
Most new students take either two or three classes during their first semester. (Although there are some exceptions, it is highly recommended that new students take no more than three classes in their first semester. If you feel as though an exception needs to be made, please contact us at SLISreg@simmons.edu so that we can direct you to the appropriate person to discuss this decision).

With the core curriculum that is in place, all entering students are required to take LIS 401 during their first semester. In addition to LIS 401, new students are also required to register for LIS 400 - Technology Orientation Requirement (TOR). This is a zero-credit course that can be completed before you attend orientation or begin classes, and ends about six weeks into the semester. Students are then required to take LIS 407 and LIS 415 (and are encouraged to take the Technology Course Requirement) within their first 4 courses or 12 credits (LIS courses are 3 credit hours each).

2. Are you in a specialized program? Are you a generalist?
Students in the Archives Management concentration, the School Library Teacher program, or one of our dual degree programs, must take the applicable intro course during their first semester.  (Please see the letters written by program directors in the bullet points below.) Generalist students, however, may choose to take LIS 407, LIS 415, one of the suite of Technology courses, or even an elective as their third courses. But please remember LIS 407 and LIS 415 must be taken within your first 12 credit hours.

3. Choose your section
There will typically be several sections of each of the core courses (LIS 401, LIS 407, and LIS 415), and, depending on numbers, there could also be multiple sections of intro courses for the specializations. We try to offer each core course during the morning, afternoon, and evening in order to accommodate multiple schedules. We also rotate through online sections. You can see the course schedule either on the SLIS web page, as part of the public view of the course catalog, or by logging into AARC.

If you have any questions about any part of the registration process, please don't hesitate to contact us at SLISreg@simmons.edu.

Using AARC

Students register through a system called "AARC," which can be accessed through the Simmons Connection portal by going to https://connection.simmons.edu/. As you will see, you must have your username and password in order to log into the page. You should have received instructions on how to set up your account when you received your initial information from the Admissions Office. If you have not already done so, please go to https://preferences.simmons.edu/accountsetup. You must have this information in order to log into AARC.

Step-by-step directions:

1. In the navigation bar at the top of the page, hover over the word "AARC"; then choose "AARC" from the drop down menu.

2. Click on "Student" in the left-hand navigation menu.

3. Scroll down and then click on "Search/Register for Sections."

4. Choose your term from the drop down menu.

5. Choose your location from the drop down menu. As you will see, the default is "Main Campus." This pulls up face-to-face and blended classes that meet on the Boston Campus. Other applicable locations are "Online Class" and "Mount Holyoke Campus--SLIS." Please note that, regardless of your home campus, you are able to take classes at any location; however, do be aware which campus you are signing up for as you don't want to be heading towards the Boston campus when your class actually meets in South Hadley!

6. Choose "Library Science" as the subject. Note: if you just leave it at that, it will bring up all LIS classes that meet at that location. If you'd like to narrow down the options, however, you can also add in the course number (e.g., 401). Do not put a section number in as this generally doesn't pull up the full slate of courses.

6a. Do not fill in any other areas. Instead, click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page.

7. From there you will see the list of classes that fit your criteria. Using the box at the left, check off those classes that you are interested in. Click the "Submit" button.

8. You will be brought to another screen that has a column on the left with the heading of "Action." Choose the applicable action from the dropdown menu. (Note: you will not be able to choose "audit." You will either be registering for the course, waitlisting for it, or removing the course from your list of preferred sections.) Once you have done this, click the "Submit" button.

9. Success! You should then see a screen that shows you your status in the class(es). At this point you can either register for another class, or, if you are all done, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the "My Schedule" link just to be sure your schedule is as you desire.

9a. Hopefully, everything will go perfectly smoothly. However, if you run into any problems, you will most likely get an error message. Please copy the text of that message (or a screenshot) and send it to SLISreg@simmons.edu. We will be monitoring that email closely, particularly during the first week of registration. We will be able to help resolve problems that may occur.

General Tips & Reminders

A couple of things to be aware of as you register:

Section Numbers: Section numbers indicate the type of class and the location. For example, a class with "-01" (or "-02," "-03," etc.) as a section number is a face-to-face class that meets at the Boston campus. Additional section numbers are:

"-20": Face-to-face class at SLIS West (on the Mount Holyoke College campus in South Hadley, MA)

"-OL": Online class

"-BL": Blended class, i.e., one that has pre-set face-to-face meetings, with the remainder of the class meeting online.

"-20BL": Blended class at SLIS West (face-to-face meetings occur at the Mount Holyoke College campus in South Hadley, MA)

Waitlists: Many courses go to waitlist, especially early on in the registration period. If a class you want is waitlisted, we strongly encourage you to be on that list. In some cases students may have registered for that class as a back-up for another class, and then they drop out thereby opening up a seat. In other cases, students change their plans for the semester and drop our in order to register for a different class. Occasionally, if the waitlists indicate a need for an additional section, students on those waitlists will be contacted before the new section is opened up to general registration. Regardless of the reason, your being on a waitlist shows your interest in the class.

If a waitlist seat opens up, you will receive an email at your Simmons address, letting you know that a seat is available to you. You will have only a certain amount of time in which to claim that seat before it gets offered to the next person on the list. We therefore recommend that you be in the habit of checking your Simmons email (or the email account to which you have it forwarded) at least every other day, even during break periods.

Questions? (and Links)

As noted above, if at any time you have a question, please don't hesitate to contact us at SLISreg@simmons.edu. The links below may also provide you with some additional answers.