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Student Loan Refunds

If your loan award exceeds the amount billed to you by Simmons, the College will mail you a check for the difference a few weeks after the semester starts. If you would prefer to pick your check up at the Cashier's Window you must notify Student Financial Services ahead of time. For additional information on student loan refunds, see http://www.simmons.edu/financialaid/accounts/refunds.php.


For information on LIS scholarships, see:


Job postings for part- and full-time jobs are frequently sent out over e-mail listservs maintained by SLIS and by SLIS student organizations. In addition, there are several other sources to find library work:

SLIS Fellowships

SLIS departments support a limited number of Dean's Fellows, each of whom receives a combination of tuition scholarship and payment for hourly work. These positions typically only open when a fellow graduates. If you would like to know if any of these positions are open, see the Fellowships page, or contact the SLIS Admissions Office at slisadm@simmons.edu or (617) 521-2800.

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