Undergraduate Program

At the bachelor's level, the student would major, or minor, in a science (biology and biology-related, chemistry and chemistry-related, physics, mathematics, or computer science), and would complete as well the following courses:


Graduate Program

Following successful completion of the Bachelor's degree, the student would then be required to complete 10 rather than 12 courses in the School of Library and Information Science in order to achieve the Master's degree. In all other respects, the student would be subject to the requirements stipulated for all Master's students, and must maintain a 3.0 average for credits taken in the School of Library and Information Science. B.S./M.S. students will not be permitted to register in LIS 484/434 until they have successfully completed LIS 407 and the SLIS technology orientation requirement (LIS 400/TOR). LIS 407 and the SLIS TOR often are taken simultaneously.