The Archives Management Concentration includes:

Students Beginning the Program in Fall 2013 and Thereafter:

SLIS Core Courses:

Six Core Archives Courses plus two electives. Electives may be an additional Archives course, recommended electives or any others in SLIS curriculum.

Degree Requirements

In addition to the SLIS core courses, Archives management students take the following core courses for the SLIS Archives Management Concentration. (Students who were enrolled in SLIS prior to Fall 2010 should see their advisor for graduation requirements.)

  • LIS 438 - Introduction to Archival Methods and Services (internship required)
  • LIS 440 - Archival Access and Use (prerequisites: LIS 415 and LIS 438)
  • LIS 442 *see note below - Establishing Archives and Manuscripts Programs (prerequisite: LIS 438)
  • LIS 456 - Managing Records in Electronic Environments (prerequisite: LIS 438)
  • LIS 502 - Archives Field Experience (prerequisite: LIS 438)
    • May substitute Cultural Heritage Internship LIS 531X
  • Preservation - Choice of either :
    • LIS 439: Preservation Management for Libraries and Archives
    • LIS 448: Digital Stewardship

An internship is required as part of LIS 438. Students are also required to take LIS 502, which is a 130 hour internship plus three in-class meetings. Current standards in the archival profession require knowledge of the practices and theories taught in the core curriculum.

For the additional semester hours required to complete the degree, archives management concentrators work with their adviser to design a program to meet individual backgrounds and goals. The following is a list of recommended electives:

Recommended Electives for Archives:

  • LIS 471 - Photographic Archives and Visual Information
  • LIS 441 - Appraisal of Archives and Manuscripts (prerequisite: LIS 438)
  • LIS 443 ** see note below - Archives, History and Collective Memory (prerequisite: LIS 438)
  • LIS 433 - Oral History
  • LIS 532E - Archives and Cultural Heritage Outreach
  • LIS 462 - Digital Libraries

Recommended Electives for Cultural Heritage:

Recommended Electives for Digital Stewardship:

  • LIS 439: Preservation Management for Libraries and Archives
  • LIS 444: Archiving and Preserving Digital Media
  • LIS 448: Digital Stewardship

Recommended Electives for Technology: 

  • LIS 469 - XML - extensible Markup Language
  • LIS 445 - Metadata
  • LIS 458 - Database Management
  • LIS 467 - Web Development and Information Architecture


*NOTE: If LIS 442 is taken as an alternative to LIS 404, it cannot also count as an elective.

**NOTE: This course is cross-listed with HIST 527. Dual Degree Archives/History students may register for this course through either the History department or SLIS.