School library teachers work with students and faculty to provide access to global information resources, to instruct in the use of technology for research and project-based learning, as well as to ignite students' interest in reading. The school library teacher instructs students on how to access, evaluate, and use information. They teach 21st Century skills, which encompass inquiry-based learning in which students develop skills, dispositions, responsibilities for learning, and self-assessments.

As reported in the 2012 Library Journal's Placement and Salaries Survey, schools today are placing an increased emphasis on instruction and information literacy using the latest technological tools ranging from tablet devices to virtual knowledge centers. Today's teachers need to know how to use a variety of e-learning resrources. School library teachers are prepared to provide leadership in curriculum development, technology integration, and literacy initiatives in the K-12 learning environment.

The National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification (NASDTEC) endorses our program and external accrediting agencies commend us on the program's outstanding quality.

In addition, the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education cooperates with every state and the District of Columbia through the National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification (NASDTEC) Interstate Agreement which facilitates the movement of educators among the states. This Agreement makes reciprocal licensure/certification possible among states. Specific reciprocal requirements vary from state to state. (Individual state departments of education must be contacted to learn specific state requirements.) As a master's degree program endorsed by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, SLIS SLTP graduates can participate in the benefits of this agreement. If you are from outside Massachusetts, however, please check with your state's department of education.

At the conclusion of the School Library Teacher program, the graduates are eligible to apply for positions as school library teachers in elementary, middle, and high schools..