Course Requirements

  • LIS 401: Foundations of Library and Information Services
  • LIS 406: Management of School Library Programs*
  • LIS 407: Reference/Information Services*
  • LIS 415: Information Organization
  • LIS 426: Curriculum and the School Library Teacher
  • LIS 431: Instructional Strategies for the School Library Teacher
  • LIS 532: School Library Programs and Services
  • LIS 460: Technology and the School Library Teacher
  • LIS 481: Children's Literature and Media Collections*
  • LIS 483: Young Adult Literature*
  • LIS 498: Practicum (preK - 8)**+
  • LIS 499: Practicum (7 - 12)**+

*Students must complete their field-based pre-practicum experiences before they can begin their practicum experience.

**A candidate may substitute LIS 495: Practicum Equivalent Experience (preK - 12) for one of the practica if the candidate has been hired as the professional school library teacher of record. Arrangements for LIS 495 are made with the program director.

+Before entering a practicum, the candidate must take and achieve a passing score in the MTEL (Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure).

Field-based Course Work

There is a fieldwork requirement for four of the SLTP courses. This is different from the practicum. SLTP students are required to complete 75 clock hours of fieldwork. It is recommended that these be distributed in 25-hour blocks in each of the following three courses:

  • LIS 406: Management of School Library Programs (25 hours)
  • LIS 407: Reference/Information Services (25 hours)
  • LIS 481: Children's Literature and Media Collections and LIS 483: Young Adult Literature (12.5 hours of field-based work are required in each course for a total of the required 25 hours)

There are specific assignments for each field-based experience. These projects are outlined in the School Library Teacher Handbook, which the student will receive at the beginning of his/her program. If you have questions about an assignment, please consult with your course instructor for answers and further direction. Fieldwork projects must be completed in a public school library in Massachusetts. At the discretion of the program director, other courses or experiences can be substituted for part of this requirement.