A Simmons College SLIS degree offers more than a world-class education as one of U.S. News and World Report's top ranking schools in the nation. According to the 2011 Library Journal's Placement and Salaries Survey results, Simmons College SLIS alums reported the highest number of alums employed in full-time positions within a year of graduation among accredited LIS schools. For more information about the various types of career options, please see our Careers in LIS page.

From Harvard University's libraries to Fortune 500 companies, Simmons SLIS students are working in the top libraries and workplaces around the country. According to the 2012 LJ Salary & Placement Survey of SLIS Graduates, the following is a sampling of jobs LIS graduates report obtaining within one year of graduation:

  • Access Services Librarian
  • Public Librarian
  • Document Delivery Manager
  • Cataloging and Acquisition Librarian
  • Adult Services Librarian
  • Database Editor
  • Business Development Specialist Librarian
  • Director of Media and Professional Development
  • Emerging Technologies Librarian
  • Data Assets Manager
  • Digital Initiatives Librarian
  • Digital Curator
  • Children's Librarian
  • Head of Technical Services
  • Requirements Analyst
  • School Librarian and Media Specialist
  • Legal Information Librarian and Lecturer in Law
  • Medical librarian
  • Library Scientist
  • Metadata Librarian
  • Market Insights Analyst
  • Repository Librarian Manager
  • University Archivist
  • Senior Web Content Coordinator