The SLIS core curriculum serves two purposes: providing foundational aspects to the discipline of library and information science and preparing students for success in the degree program.

For students entering in Fall 2013 and thereafter, the requirements for completing the 36-credit degree are as follows:

Core Courses

36 Credits total.

Students have up to six years to complete the program, and can take courses either on a part- or full-time basis. Please see the Maximum Credit Load policy to see how many courses can be taken in a given semester. New students are strongly encouraged not to take more than three courses during their first semester if in fall or spring (or two courses in summer). Each student will progress through the program differently, depending on area of specialization and on how many courses are planned per semester.

With the core curriculum that is in place, all entering students are required to take LIS 401 during their first semester. Students are then required to take LIS 407 and LIS 415 within their first 12 credits. In addition, students are encouraged to take the Technology course requirement within the first 12 credits as well.

* School Library Teacher Program and Archives Concentration students should see the respective program pages for specific requirements as they are different than those of other students.

Concentrations and Tracks

There are several concentrations within the Master of Science generalist Library and Information Science curriculum, as well as a variety of tracks. The difference is that concentrations require a set sequencing or group of classes that students need to take in order to be an official part of that concentration whereas tracks are recommended courses for students interested in a particular area.) Please use the links below to see the required/recommended courses for each of the potential areas of study. Note: SLIS West supports all concentrations and tracks, however depending on area of specialization students might need to take some courses in Boston.



Degree Requirements

A student in the master of science degree program must maintain a grade point average of at least 3.0 (B). A student who fails to meet this requirement will ordinarily not be considered for exclusion from the School until he/she has completed at least 12 semester hours. It is understood, however, that the student's connection with the College may be terminated whenever, in the judgment of the faculty, he/she fails to show sufficient scholarship.

Technology Orientation Requirement (TOR)

The School has initiated a program to provide a common base of knowledge of the technologies and tools students will encounter during the course of their studies, as well as resources available to them as a Simmons SLIS student. All students entering the program are required to register for the 0-credit LIS 400 - TOR, which allows them to complete a series of tasks demonstrating technological proficiency by the middle of their first semester. To assist students unfamiliar with the material, workshops are offered during the first two weeks of the semester. See the TOR website for more information.