Daniel N. Joudrey

Associate Professor

Daniel N. Joudrey
Phone: 617-521-2863
Office: P-205B
Web: http://web.simmons.edu/~joudrey/

Daniel Joudrey, an expert in organizing information, joined the Simmons faculty in 2005 and teaches information organization and several cataloging courses. Prior to coming to Simmons, Joudrey was a teaching fellow and research assistant at the University of Pittsburgh for Dr. Arlene G. Taylor, a well-known cataloging authority. Joudrey was also a metadata policy intern at the Library of Congress. He is co-author of the third edition of The Organization of Information and the forthcoming 11th edition of Introduction to Cataloging and Classification with Dr. Taylor. Joudrey received his Ph.D. and MLIS from the University of Pittsburgh and his B.A. in theatre from George Washington University. His dissertation, Building Puzzles and Growing Pearls: A Qualitative Exploration of Determining Aboutness was completed in December 2005.

Courses Taught

LIS 415: Information Organization
LIS 417: Advanced Subject Cataloging and Classification
LIS 494: Advanced Descriptive Cataloging
LIS 532A: Introduction to Cataloging and Classification

Curriculum Vitae

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Areas of Interest

  • Theoretical foundations of subject determination
  • The nature of cataloging education
  • The application of subject headings in the cataloging process.