The Digital Stewardship Certificate (DSC) includes five graduate-level courses (15 credits) covering the knowledge and skills required to effectively manage digital objects and collections. The DSC courses are delivered online in a format that is primarily asynchronous yet highly interactive, and with a strong emphasis on experiential learning through the Digital Curriculum Laboratory.

Program Requirements

DSC graduates must complete a 5-course (15 credits) sequence. Three courses are required, and two electives are to be selected from a list of approved courses (see below). Students are also required to complete a one-week, introductory online orientation to the Digital Stewardship program and to online learning at Simmons.

Required Courses

Elective Courses

Other SLIS courses relevant to digital stewardship may be approved as DSC electives. Please contact the DSC program coordinator if you have questions about particular courses. Also, for students in New England, some DSC courses are offered in a face-to-face setting at Simmons' Boston campus and at SLIS West in South Hadley, MA.

Course Scheduling

Students are admitted to the DSC program once a year, for the fall semester that begins in early September. The program can be completed in as few as three semesters (taking two courses per semester), yet many students prefer to take one course per semester, especially while working full time. New students should expect to take LIS 448 (Digital Stewardship) in their first semester, but it can be taken in tandem with other courses. Normally, LIS 500 (Independent Study) is taken in the final semester before graduating, though exceptions can be made to accommodate students' needs. Otherwise, there is no set sequence for the DSC program, giving students maximum flexibility in completing the certificate requirements.

Here are two examples of how your course scheduling might work:

One course per semester:
Two courses per semester:
Fall     LIS 448
Fall     LIS 448, LIS 444
Spring     LIS 444
Spring     Elective 1, Elective 2
Summer     Elective 1
Summer     LIS 500
Fall     Elective 2

Spring     LIS 500

Other schedules are possible. If you have any questions or would like more information about the DSC curriculum, please contact the program coordinator at