The demand for archivists is expanding as society becomes aware of the critical importance of preserving our digital and traditional documentary heritage. Archivists collect, preserve and provide access to records and manuscripts in all formats including electronic records, photographs, films, sound recordings, oral histories and digital images. They work in many different settings including colleges and universities, government agencies, historical societies, museums, cultural heritage sites and corporations. Simmons is now offering a fully online master's degree/Archives Management concentration. Course requirements include: Introduction to Archival Methods and Services (LIS 438), Archival Access and Use (LIS 440), Managing Records in Electronic Environments (LIS 456), and a Field Study (LIS 502).

The Profession

The archival profession has been growing steadily since the 1970s as organizations of all kinds create and seek to preserve an ever-exploding volume of digital and analog records. As a result, new professional opportunities continue to be created in a wide variety of public and private organizations. Archivists are uniquely prepared to manage and preserve the complex digital records produced by our technologically advancing society.

The SLIS archives concentration at Simmons is a highly ranked program that prepares students to move seamlessly between traditional and digital environments. Our wide-ranging internships and field experiences offer students practical opportunities to gain experience and to network with professionals in the field.