As reported in the 2012 Library Journal's Placement and Salaries Survey, schools today are placing an increased emphasis on instruction and information literacy using the latest technological tools ranging from tablet devices to virtual knowledge centers. Today's teachers need to know how to use a variety of e-learning resources. Instructional Technology Specialists know how to integrate technology into the curriculum, develop curriculum, and provide professional development for teachers to enable them to learn how to successfully integrate technology into their work in the classroom with students, and to gain confidence in so doing. Program faculty are distinguished leaders in the school library and instructional technology fields.

The Instructional Technology Program provides school library teachers with an additional license that enables them to expand their abilities to work with and integrate instructional technology into their school library programs.

In addition, the Instructional Technology program enables classroom teachers and school library teachers to seek employment as an instructional technology specialist in grades pre-K-12. The instructional technology specialist takes a leadership role in the integration of instructional technology into the classrooms and curriculum of the school in which he/she works.