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Direct Entry for those with a B.A./B.S. in another academic discipline: M.S. in Nursing


Applicants must possess a bachelor's degree (B.A. or B.S.) from a regionally accredited U.S. college or university or a post-secondary institution abroad which is recognized by the Ministry of Education in the home country. Individuals who are completing a bachelor's degree may apply as long SNHS receives the final official transcript showing degree conferral and completion of any missing prerequisites before the DE program begins in September. The degree can be in any academic discipline, other than nursing. Applicants must have an accumulative G.P.A.(of all institutions attended) of 3.0 and a 3.0 in all prerequisites

The following prerequisite courses(based on semester systems) are required for admission.

Statistics: One semester (half year) of statistics (can be taken in a math, psychology or science department; course content must include principles of probability, binomial and normal distributions, sample statistics, estimation and testing of hypotheses and linear regression and correlation)

Developmental Psychology: One semester(half year) of developmental psychology(course content must span birth to death; general psychology does not meet this requirement, but a series of appropriate courses in combination could, such as prenatal to adolescence, young-middle adulthood, aging and dying).

Microbiology: One semester(half year) of microbiology with a lab

Human Anatomy and Physiology: Two semesters(one full academic year) of human anatomy
and physiology with lab. Animal physiology will not meet this requirement.

Inorganic Chemistry: One semester(half year) of inorganic chemistry with lab

Organic Chemistry : One semester (half year) of organic chemistry with lab

While you may apply without having taken any of the prerequisite courses, it is strongly recommended that you take as many of the science prerequisites as possible before applying so that the admission committee can evaluate your ability to handle science content. If you have not completed any science prereqs before application, you will be at a disadvantage in the admission review process in this competitive program.

You  may apply to the DE program not having completed any prerequisites, having completed all or some of the prereqs or be in the process of completing prereqs at the time of application. You may take the science prereqs during the academic year during the day via the DIX scholars program by applying to the Office of Undergraduate Admission. Or, you may take missing prereqs at another regionally accredited institution. See below for further details about making certain that courses are acceptable.

If you apply with missing prereqs, and are accepted, it would be provisionally pending completion of missing prerequisite courses which can be completed at Simmons through SNHS. These courses are offered during the summer before the beginning of the DE program in September. Please note that these science courses are different than those offered via DIX in the summer. If accepted, you should register for the science courses offered by SNHS not by DIX.

You can also apply with missing prereqs, and, if accepted, complete the missing prereqs at another regionally accredited U.S. institution in the summer before the DE program starts in September. However, it is imperative that you first check with our office before registering for such courses. If they cannot be completed and if we cannot receive a final official transcript by August, you should not take such courses. These courses are part of the admission process and thus cannot be completed/taken after the graduate nursing program begins.

All prerequisites must have been completed at a regionally accredited U.S. college or university or at a post-secondary institution abroad that is recognized by the Ministry of Education in the home country, within ten years prior to the application deadline. All prerequisite courses must have grades; pass/fail or audit courses, AP (Advanced Placement), IB or CLEP scores do not fulfill prerequisites. If you have completed prereqs more than once, you are required to report all repeated courses,even if the course was called something different but has the same content. Repeated course grades must be included in the GPA calculation in the application for admission.

It is critical that you make sure that courses you plan to take or have taken meet our content requirements.

To determine if a course has been approved, please call the Office of Admission at 617-521-2650 and provide the name and number of the course, where it was offered and when. We will tell you if it is acceptable. However, please see the list below before you call,as you do not need pre-approval for certain courses. If a course has not already been approved, we will need a course syllabus. If we need to review a syllabus, please allow 15 business days for an evaluation. Please do not call us for review/approval a few days before you register for a class as we will not be able to evaluate a course on such short notice.

Carefully review the Course Syllabus Data and the Prerequisite Review Process forms below about this process and submit the required information if needed. It is likely you that you will not need to submit syllabi for all courses.

No pre-approval is needed for DE nursing in the following cases:

Any two chemistry courses (with labs), whatever the course number/name or if taken at one institution
Any course with Microbiology (with a lab) in the title
Any course with statistics in the title
One separate semester/term of human anatomy and one separate semester/term (sometimes 3 quarters are needed) of human physiology at one or more institutions
AP(Anatomy & Physiology) I & II (with lab) at the same institution

Pre-approval via submission of a syllabus is always needed for DE nursing in the following cases:

All online prerequisite courses (provide the online syllabus for both the course and lab, not the on-site syllabus)
All accelerated courses
A/P I & II and any two chemistry courses taken at more than one institution
Developmental Psychology(Please contact SNHS at 617-521-2605 or to determine if the course you completed or plan to take has already been approved)

If applicants are/were enrolled in institutions which used quarter or trimester systems, two or three quarters/trimesters may be required to equal one semester. This will be determined on such aspects, but not only, course content, frequency of class meetings per week and length of the course.

Repeated/failed courses must be included in G.P.A. calculations. Applicants who have repeated prereqs will be at a disadvantage in the admission process in this competitive program. See the Apply page in the DE Nursing section of this website.

If U.S. citizens have not taken all or some of the above prerequisite courses, they may take them during the day during the academic year(September to May) at Simmons as a non-degree student via the DIX office in the Office of Undergraduate Admission (617-521-2051). Individuals may also take such courses through SNHS. All science courses are taught by SNHS during an intensive summer science cluster from May to August. These options are not available to international students requiring an F-1 visa to study in the U.S. as an I-20 cannot be processed for pre-admission courses nor for part-time enrollment.

Enrollment in the SNHS summer science cluster would be an option for applicants admitted provisionally. Admission to the DE program would be complete upon the applicants' successful completion of such courses. However, students completing any prerequisites elsewhere in the summer MUST call the Office of Admission at 617-521-2605 before registering for such courses. These courses must end well before the start of the DE program so that a final official transcript for these courses is received before beginning the DE program.

Developmental Psychology: A Lifespan Perspective is also offered online in the summer. This is a good option for applicants who have not taken this course but wish to wait until they learn of their admission status before registering for the course beforehand elsewhere. For information about this course (information available in mid-March), contact Annette Coscia at or 617-521-2141.