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Dual Degree Program with Harvard School of Public Health: M.S. Nursing; M.S. Society, Human Development & Health

Patricia A. White, Ph.D, ANP-BC

Patricia A. White, Ph.D, ANP-BC

Patricia A. White, Ph.D, ANP-BC

Professor of Practice, Nursing (graduate nursing), Director of the DNP program

Patricia A. White, Ph.D, ANP-BC


Patricia White PhD, ANP-BC, has been teaching in the Nursing Programs at Simmons since 1987 and is currently the Director of the DNP Progam. She has maintained an ongoing clinical practice as a nurse practitioner since 1983 and currently practices in primary care. She teaches primarily in the Graduate Program with responsibilities teaching the adult and geriatric component of the FNP curriculum. In addition, she has been teaching in the undergraduate and graduate research courses and is clinical faculty in the community health nursing course.

Her most recent teaching includes the Ethics and Legal Course in the DNP program and the Capstone Development Courses. She has also been invited to participate in the Clinical Ethics Residency for the academic year 2012-2013 as a mentored faculty at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.

Her research interests include the exploration of nurse practitioner practice, improving access to compassionate end of life care and further understanding best teaching strategies for accelerated NP students. She published  her dissertation research on NP practice with clients who are grieving in the Journal of the Academy of Nurse Practitioners and has a recent article in the June 2012 Journal of Hospice and Palliative Care based on collaborative research with MS students titled Family perspectives on end of life care. 

She was a co founder in 2005 of the Learning Collaborative on Accelerated Nursing Education (LCANE) along with Janet Rico her colleague at Simmons, and colleagues from Yale and UMass Worcester. She has co authored an integrative review on the state of the science regarding accelerated nursing students in the January 2012 Journal of Nursing Education and continues to research best practices to assure quality education and role outcomes for this group of students.

Dr.White has also recently collaborated as a DNP capstone advisor with her colleague Dr.Julie Steller investigating the practice of Romanian nurses providing end of life care. She has written and presented on the topics of clinical consultation, polypharmacy, ethics and bereavement.  In addition, Patricia is collaborating with her Simmons DNP colleagues on the evaluation of the DNP program and has co-presented at AACN, NONPF and Drexel with her colleague, Dr. Susan Neary on pedagogy for hybrid Doctoral programs and issues related to the goals of the capstone project for the DNP.

She is active in NONPF on the faculty development committee, and is a member of MCNP where she is involved in the legislative committee.  She is currently serving on the Board of Directors for the Leavitt's Mill Free Health Center in Buxton, Maine which is an NP owned primary care practice serving uninsured and underinsured residents.  In 2013, she was selected as a member of the National Academies of Practice.


  • B.S. Boston College
  • M.S. Boston College
  • PhD. University of Rhode Island


Podium Presentations- Peer Reviewed

Apr 2011 Neary, S. & White, P. Melding Practice and Research: Clarifying the goals and objectives of the DNP Capstone Project
NONPF, Annual Meeting
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Sept 2010 White, P., Pellico, L, Rico, J & Terril, E.,  Accelerated Nursing Education-Review of the research CANS, Council for the Advancement of Nursing Science, American Academy of Nurses
Washington, DC

Apr 2009  Pellico, L., Rico, J., White, P.  Listening to our students: Evaluating Teaching Methods for Accelerated Masters Students
Portland Oregon

Mar 2009 Sapienza, A., White, P, Neary, S., One DNP's Pedagogical Design
  Hilton Head, South Carolina
  Drexel Invitational on the DNP: The Dialogue Continues

Apr 2007 White, P., Rico, J., Theis, K., Pellico, L., & Harless, G. LCANE- A Learning Collaborative for Accelerated Models of Nursing Education
NONPF, Colorado


Poster Presentations-Peer Reviewed

Oct 2012 Pellico, L, Tyrell, E, Rico, J, White, P. "Program Evaluation of Accelerated Programs"  Presented at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation 5th Annual  New Careers in Nursing Program  Liaisons Summit Building on Five Years of Success   October 13, 2012 Washington, DC- Conference Poster Award

Apr 2012 Steller, J., Samuels, N., White, P., & Neary, S. DNP Capstone Development- Measure of Mastery- Student PerspectivesCharleston, South Carolina NONPF

Jan 2010 Neary, S & White, PEPotfolio- Linking Practice, Reflections & Scholarship in a Blended DNP Program  AACN, Doctoral Conference Captiva, Florida

Apr 2010 Osgood, R. & White, P. Family Perspective on End of Life Care-Poster Presentation- ENRS, Providence Rhode Island

Oct 2008 White, P. Nurse Practitioner Practice with Grieving Clients
Poster Presentation - National State of the Science Conference- American Academy of Nursing & NINR Washington DC

Apr 2008 White, P. Exploration of Nurse Practitioner Practice with Clients who are grieving- Poster Presentation, NONPF, Louisville, Kentucky, Honored with the Outstanding Poster Award

Invited Presentations

July 2009 Grief and Grieving across the lifespan Presented to Hospice Sperantei
Brashov, Romania as part of the Romanian-American (New England Alliance of HOH) Symposium
on Palliative Care

Mar 2009 Overview of Grief and Nurse Practitioner Practice with Clients who are grieving —Report of research findings Co presented with Dr. Anne Marie Barron to the Palliative Care Program, Boston College

Jan 2009 Creating On line presence- Hybrid Workshop- Faculty Development Simmons College

May 2008 Depression, Grief & Bereavement in the Elderly- Co-presented with Dr. Anne Marie Barron to the Sisters Collaborative Network of New England, Brighton, Massachusetts

Apr 2008 Value Added: Effects of Faculty Practice on Educational Outcomes, Worship Presentation with Faculty Development Committee- NONPF, Louisville Kentucky

Mar 2008 Consultation as a Role Competency for Advanced Practice — with Dr. Anne Marie Barron - Northeastern University, Boston, Mass,

Dec 2007 White, P. Nursing practice with clients who are grieving Via teleconference to the staff at Romanian Hospices of Hope, at St. Elizabeth's Hospital

June, 2007 White, P. Exploration of Nurse Practitioner Practice with Clients who are Grieving.
Simmons Alumni Day Presentation




Peer Reviewed

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