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Online Learning Tips

Online Learning Tips

  1. Prepare a place where you can work uninterrupted and focus on your coursework.
  2. Plan for time each week when you will do your course work.
  3. Plan for access to the resources you will need to complete your work.
  4. Make the most of interactions with classmates in formal and informal online discussions.
  5. Don't hesitate to email questions to your classmates or your instructor.

What Makes an Effective Online Learner?

  1. Good time management skills.
  2. The ability to plan ahead.
  3. Self-discipline and self-direction in learning.
  4. The desire to "own" your learning process and get the most out of each course.
  5. Independence and resourcefulness.
  6. Willingness to ask questions and learn from your classmates, as well as your instructor.
  7. Effective in communicating with others in writing, whether "hearing" or "telling".

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