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Ph.D. in Health Professions

Ph.D. in Health Professions

Recent trends in the healthcare delivery system highlight the need for a cadre of health professionals who are prepared to teach the next generation of healthcare providers. This program of study is in response to this growing need for effective educators in a variety of healthcare settings.

The Ph.D. in Health Professions Education program offers a terminal degree and includes the CAGS HPED curriculum and a second portion which involves research.

Doctoral education is essential for the advancement of academic and professional educators. The Ph.D. in Health Professions Education program is a unique intra-professional program of doctoral education that will prepare individuals for a faculty position at the higher education level or in a position as a health educator within the health care arena.

Current students and graduates include a range of disciplines: nurses, dental assistants, athletic trainers, radiologists, respiratory and surgical technicians. Students possess a wide range of experiential levels, and even the most experienced have the opportunity to grow in their field. The core foundation of this program includes coursework in education theory, issues, leadership, trends in higher and professional education, teaching strategies and assessment, and courses in research design  and application. A dissertation research project is required of all students. The program is hybrid, taught both online and onsite.

The Ph.D. in Health Professions Education allows the individual to:

  • Analyze issues and trends in higher education, specifically in professional health education, and  their impact on the growth of the profession.
  • Analyze theories of education and their application to professional health education.
  • Learn principles of teaching strategies unique to the academic and clinical learning of health professional students.
  • Apply relevant theories of education and professional development in the construction of academic courses and clinical practicum.
  • Critically analyze professional health curricula.
  • Conceptualize the values and ethical systems of the health professional.
  • Initiate and apply theories of change in the leadership role of the professional health educator.
  • Develop and carry out a research dissertation project to add to the body of practice and educational scientific knowledge within the desired health care profession.