Welcome International Students

Incoming Spring 2015 International Students should check-in with Valerie Filiberto, International Student Advisor, upon arrival to the U.S.

Welcome to Simmons College! As an international student at Simmons you are joining a dynamic community of people from over 45 countries. During your time here at Simmons you will have a number of opportunities to challenge yourself personally and academically, to develop friendships with people from a variety of backgrounds, and to experience American culture. As you will soon discover, studying abroad provides as much opportunity for learning outside the classroom as you will learn in the classroom.

In addition to highlighting important aspects of your Simmons experience and provide you with an introduction to Simmons and the Boston area, the link to the site below will also guide you through the Visa process and how to stay compliant with the immigration laws as they apply to international students.

Studying abroad can be exciting, exhilarating and challenging all at the same time. Adjusting to life in a new country is a gradual process. Aside from a wide range of programs geared toward international students, the international advisor is particularly attuned to supporting each student in her/his transition.

For information on Employment, Living in BostonHealth Insurtance Requirements, and more, please visit the Office of Student Life Website.

Contact info:

Valerie Filiberto
International Student Advisor
Office of the Dean for Student Life
(617) 521-2116


International Orientation

International Orientation Program

During the first week of classes, International Students are expected to attend the International Orientation program, as it will address SEVIS regulations and US government information necessary to remain in status throughout college.

More information on the International Orientation Program will be available soon on the Student Life Website.