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This is a highly interactive program that uses a variety of methodologies, including:

  • Self-assessment of your communication and your team leadership styles
  • Exercises that reveal your own expectations and behaviors in teams and allow you to improve your team leadership style
  • Discussions of case studies to identify best practices for leading teams
  • Opportunity to receive feedback on resolving a personally challenging team situation

Learning Objectives

Day 1:

  • Identifying and managing the additional challenges women leaders face, including establishing credibility and authority, and managing the perceptions of your team leadership

Day 2:

  • Negotiating upfront for the conditions for successful team output
  • Assembling an optimally diverse team and managing that diversity
  • Recognizing the multiple sources of conflict and developing strategies for pre-empting and resolving conflicts

Day 3:

  • Managing women-leading-women dynamics
  • Creating an action plan