The Center for Gender in Organizations (CGO) is helping to shift how decision-makers think and act in terms of gender equity, diversity and organizational effectiveness. We have started to see important changes in how gender in the workplace is viewed today, although much work remains.

Our determined call to action bolstered by rigorous research and outreach finds CGO:

  • Partnering with leading organizations such as Carnegie Corporation, Ernst & Young, Ford Foundation and Hewlett Packard
  • Teaching, presenting, consulting and training globally from Ghana, Uganda, and South Africa to Argentina and the Netherlands to Japan.
  • Showcasing our expertise in prestigious publications such as the Boston Globe, Miami Herald, New York Times and USA Today.
  • Presenting a highly regarded Distinguished Scholars Speakers Series with lectures from thought-provoking, accomplished scholars.
  • Producing, synthesizing and disseminating articles, books, Insights, Commentaries, and Working Papers that are making serious and substantial contributions in the worlds of both theory and practice.

We consider among our most promising accomplishments the growing understanding that gender and diversity issues:

  • Are organizational by nature, not solely individual or isolated matters.
  • Have substantial strategic and operational implications.
  • Are deeply and subtly embedded in organizational culture, norms and practices.
  • Operate within many identities such as race, class, ethnicity and sexual orientation.
  • Shape work practices, organizational productivity and overall performance.