Unit 2 Quiz

Choose the best answers for the questions below then click "Check Your Answers" at the bottom to see if your answers were correct and read feedback for each questions.

  1. As a social worker, your priorities with a victim of intimate violence include (check all that apply):
    1.  a. providing a safe place to talk
    2.  b. recognizing signs of danger and protective factors
    3.  c. knowing local resources for support of victims of violence

  2. It is important to get clients to acknowledge abuse if it is happening
    1.  a. true
    2.  b. false

  3. Encouraging people to leave abusive relationships is usually helpful.
    1.  a. true
    2.  b. false

  4. In making referrals, it is best to know a specific person to whom to refer.
    1.  a. true
    2.  b. false

  5. Agencies where it is useful to have a personal contact include (check all that apply):
    1.  a. local domestic violence service
    2.  b. local child protection office
    3.  c. free legal services