Indicators of Domestic Violence

Survivors of domestic violence are all unique, having different personalities, life experiences, and interactions with those who are abusive to them. At the same time, there are some dynamics and effects of abusive relationships that are fairly common.

  • Unexplainable injuries and accidents.
  • Expressed fear of their partner or other significant person in their life. This can range from terror to a general sense of unease or anxiety.
  • Inability to see you alone because a partner or other significant person insists on being present. This can be presented as concern about the well-being of the survivor, although the level of persistence may suggest desperation or anger.
  • Other indications that the person's freedom to act and make choices is constrained beyond what is culturally normal or comfortable for the person. Not being allowed, for instance, to see friends, spend small amounts of money, buy their own or children's clothes.
  • Some survivors may appear to be generally anxious about things that you might not expect to cause anxiety, such as making a phone call from home or letting anyone know that they talked with you.