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July 2012

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Community Clinical Coordinator

Hiring Company: DYS Community Services
Location: Based in Taunton (daily travel throughout Southeast Region)

Job Description

The primary role of the Clinical Coordinator (CC) is to assist DYS Casework Staff in accessing and maintaining the delivery of behavioral health services identified in each client's Individual Service and Relapse Prevention Plans. This position is expected to support the delivery of behavioral health services at the regional level and the district level and, in selected situations, at the case level. The primary focus of the CC will be the support of the specific region's several district case management teams. The Clinical Coordinator is a direct report to the Director, Community Services for compliance with Provider Agency policies and employment expectations as well as meeting DYS Contract expectations. Operationally, the Clinical Community Coordinator is expected to participate as part of the DYS regional leadership teams which include the respective DYS Regional Clinical Coordinator who is responsible to insure that all behavioral health related services throughout the DYS regional continuum are aligned and effectively responsive to youth in the care and custody of DYS. He/she shall work collaboratively with service providers, state agencies and DYS staff to ensure that district and regional based behavioral health service delivery is coordinated and consistent with and responsive to the Department's Community service model.


  • Assists in developing and implementing regional service management strategy under the direction of DYS Regional Directors, Clinical Coordinators, Directors of Community Services and Community Supervision/Casework Teams. Provides consultation to all DYS Regional Staff on problem solving, identifying and accessing community based clinical services, and assisting in successful transition planning for youth returning to the community from custody (for example: by attending 90-, 60-, and/or 30-day meetings as needed).
  • Will participate in each Community Supervision/Casework Team's Weekly Meeting (see Weekly Team Meeting Expectations below).
  • Identifies service gaps at the Regional and District level, and supports the Regional Director of Community Services to develop/modify programs to meet service delivery needs.
  • Works to ensure appropriate access to quality services on a client specific, District and Regional basis.
  • Supports the Regional Director of Community Services in incorporating cultural competency, rehabilitation, resilience and recovery principles in fulfilling regional service management and development responsibilities.
  • Interfaces with DYS Substance Abuse Specialist for case consultation and improved accessibility to Substance Abuse Services.
  • Maintains effective relationships with key Clinical and Administrative leadership within the Region. Participates in District leadership and Community Supervision/Casework Team meetings to support DYS case management strategies by consulting on specific cases as well as monitoring clients' Individual Service Plan compliance, ensuring access to needed services, assisting with clinical issues, and improving service quality while seeking to reduce recidivism and increase community tenure.
  • Maintains knowledge of and has linkages with Massachusetts' Behavioral Health Partnership's (MBHP) managed care entities and providers within the Region. Works with the Regional Team to manage access, responsiveness and quality standards in the service of DYS client's needs.
  • Is knowledgeable of and provides active support of caseworkers for clients receiving services under the Commonwealth's Children's Behavioral Health Initiative.
  • Takes a lead role in assisting the Regional Team in quality and access concerns of behavioral health treatment services with the Region. Interfaces with MassHealth Treatment Providers and MBHP in advocating that Treatment Providers establish improvement strategies for meeting the treatment needs of the DYS population. Provides the linkage with MBHP and MassHealth treatment providers regarding client care or service delivery.
  • Responsible for identifying and documenting any issues which act as barriers to effective service delivery and/or successful treatment participation by DYS youth. Issue identification will include system issues with case management as well as problems with lack of designated services, wait times, poor service quality, etc. These issues will be reported to and addressed by regional and district leadership teams, as appropriate. The CCC is expected to be an active participant in resolving barriers to effective service.
  • Participates in face-to-face meetings with Treatment Providers, state agencies, DYS staff and community groups, as directed.
  • Receives clinical guidance, as needed, from the DYS Regional Clinical Coordinator to ensure clinical continuity and adherence to the youth's individual service plan as they move from residential to community placement. The Regional Clinical Coordinator will meet regularly with the Clinical Coordinator to ensure real time clinical consultative support.
  • The Clinical Coordinator is required to attend the Weekly Team Meeting held at each District Office to actively participate in the Case Review Process.
  • The Clinical Coordinator's role during the weekly Case Review Process is to work with DYS Casework staff to determine if there are any specific cases they would like to discuss and receive consultation on regarding, for example, psychiatric hospitalization, suicidal ideation, failed drug screens or possible revocation.
  • The Community Clinical Coordinator will provide assistance to DYS Caseworkers in making clinical decisions regarding their clients and will aid in identifying and addressing the specific needs of clients. The Case Review Process may include a review of the client's Relapse Prevention Plan (RPP) and/or Individual Service Plan (ISP), either while the client is in the community or in anticipation of the client's transition from placement to the community, to ensure that required services (as identified in the RPP and/or ISP) are in place.


  • Education — Masters Degree.
  • Licensures — LICSW strongly preferred. LCSW or LMHC will be considered based on a demonstrated capability, training and a history of directly relevant experience and interview.
  • Regardless of credential level, the position requires a minimum of five years of clinical experience in the juvenile justice, child welfare, behavioral health or demonstrably related field(s).
  • Ability to drive car up to 8 hours per day. Travel is expected with these responsibilities.
  • Ability to communicate with clients, families, and collateral resources in person and by phone.
  • Daily attendance and scheduling flexibility to include working nights and weekends.
  • Ability to facilitate a variety of groups.
  • Ability and experience in using a computer.

Contact Information

Please submit resumes to Katie Joyce and NO PHONE CALLS.

Salary Information: $48K

Site Support Specialist, Taunton DYS

Hiring Company: DYS Community Services
Location: Based in Taunton (daily travel throughout Taunton & surrounding communities)

Job Description

The Community Services Program is a continuing partnership with the Department of Youth Services, the Old Colony Y, and the KEY, Program Inc. The program works with DYS committed youth returning to their home community from a residential or treatment program. The DYS youth are supervised within this program to prevent continued delinquent behavior by building skills, providing opportunities, and enhancing individual and family strengths.

Community Services focuses on:

  • Positive Youth Development
  • Community Supports
  • Building Lifeskills
  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Family Support

The Site Support Specialist (SSS) will support DYS Caseworkers in monitoring clients' behavior to ensure that nonparticipation is identified and clients do not depart from established itineraries (e.g., school, work, curfew) without consequences. The SSS will work with all clients assigned to the case management team, and will assist the team with supervision, accountability and service delivery goals. The SSS will also be responsible for helping with the maintenance and security of the District Office site. This SSS will also supervise clients while on site at the District Office.

The SSS will:

  • Conduct attendance checks, employment visits, curfew calls, and other itinerary monitoring
  • Schedule activities for clients
  • Assist with service delivery goals for clients
  • Facilitate the process of electronic monitoring for designated clients
  • Assist with community—based transportation for clients and families
  • Provide support to all of the District Office staff on all recreational and community service activities for clients


Bachelors Degree preferred (Associates may be accepted), this position requires a minimum of one year of professional experience in juvenile justice, child welfare, behavioral health or related field. The applicant will also need to have the necessary skills and capabilities to use a computer, valid driver's license, and their own vehicle to carry out the demands of the position. There is significant travel in this position.

Contact Information

For immediate consideration candidates should submit their resume with job title applying for to:

Katie Joyce, Director & Provider Contract Manager
FAX: (508) 427-4394
This is at a non-profit organization.
Please, no phone calls about this job!

Salary Information: $31K

Domestic Violence Advocate

Hiring Company: Brigham and Women's Hospital
Location: Boston, MA

Job Description


Passageway is the Brigham and Women's/Faulkner Hospital's and Southern Jamaica Plain Health Center domestic violence intervention program which incorporates the perspectives and experiences of women and others experiencing intimate partner abuse into its advocacy services. The Passageway program has become a leader in integrating domestic violence advocacy services and training for health professionals into the health care system through its four program components:

  • Comprehensive Advocacy Services for patients and employees who are abused
  • Training/Education for multidisciplinary health care providers and hospital employees
  • Community Collaboration to ensure a strong network of services to address domestic violence within and beyond the health care setting
  • Evaluation to support the continuous improvement of care for domestic violence victims and effective training and education programs for health care professionals

The Passageway program is an integral part of the BWH's Center for Community Health and Health Equity. The mission of the CCHHE is to advance systems of care and community health strategies to eliminate health disparities and elevate the health status of the communities served by BWH. The CCHHE collaborates with many hospital departments, including clinical and research areas, and works in partnership with external organizations and community-based groups in addressing the social determinants of individual and community health, including efforts to improve the health, well-being and safety of patients, employees and community members experiencing domestic violence.


Advocacy Service Provision and Consultative Responsibilities

1. Specialized Advocacy and Community Services for Domestic Violence:

  • Provide advocacy services to a caseload of patients and employees with the goal of increasing safety and empowerment. Advocacy and Community services include:
  • Information victims of domestic violence to increase knowledge and understanding about domestic violence, its effects on health and well-being, and the systems and services available to increase safety.
  • Initial and on-going risk assessment to assess the overall danger in patient's relationships as well as the danger present in particular situations (e.g. accessing medical care, going to court, contacting Passageway for services) and safety planning to increase overall and situation-specific safety.
  • Advocacy to patients during, between, and after visits to the health center. Provides advocacy to employees during employment or while on leave from the institution.
  • Initial and on-going crisis-intervention counseling as needed for clients.
  • Identification, assessment of appropriateness, and linkages to community resources to optimize safety.
  • Accompaniment to court and community meetings as appropriate.
  • Confidentiality and compliance with professional ethics. Coordinates advocacy services with other services provided by the Health Center, Community Agency and EAP (Employee Assistant Program) in accordance with release of information and agreements made with individual clients.
  • On-call coverage for the Passageway Program during business hours
  • One evening a week

2. Consultation and Technical Assistance for Domestic Violence Interventions

  • Provide consultation and technical assistance to health center providers, case managers, social workers, and other staff regarding screening for and intervening in domestic violence situations, risk assessment and safety planning, assessing the appropriateness of and accessing resources, increasing safety in the workplace or around medical care, and the feasibility and safety of treatment plans or performance improvement plans for victims of domestic violence.

3. Program Development/Administrative Responsibilities

  • Contributes information on needs of clients in her/his caseload to inform program development initiatives.
  • Participates in community roundtables as appropriate to address gaps in services to battered victims and health center and community teams to address the institution's response to domestic violence, trainings and workshops, support groups, etc.
  • Data entry for Passageway program for evaluation purposes.
  • Assumes additional program development or administrative responsibilities as directed by supervisor.



  • Bilingual - English/Spanish required. Persons of color strongly encouraged to apply.
  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience required.
  • Minimum of two years working with victims of domestic violence.
  • Experience in assisting professionals to intervene safely with domestic violence.
  • Experiences in working with multidisciplinary teams


  • Demonstrated knowledge of domestic violence issues.
  • Must have solid advocacy skills, excellent judgment and interpersonal skills. Must work effectively as a member of a team and collaboratively with other professionals within the health center and community.
  • Excellent written, verbal communication and presentation/training skills; ability to assimilate information and communicate with various constituents.
  • Ability to work with diverse groups of people (e.g. race, ethnicity, age, class, sexual preference).
  • Excellent organizational skills and ability to manage multiple teams/projects in a fast-paced environment.
  • Comfort in bridging the health center and community settings and demonstrated success in facilitating collaborations with diverse, multi-cultural populations collaboratively to respond to the issue of domestic violence.
  • Must be comfortable using computerized word processing and database programs.


BWH is a tertiary referral and teaching hospital. The hospital system is committed to patient-centered care in which interdisciplinary health care professionals work collaboratively to provide for the health care needs of patients.


May supervise student interns, as appropriate to role and experience.

Contact Information

To apply please follow the link below

Clinical Position

Hiring Company: Walker Partnership Program
Location: Ashburnham/Westminister

Job Description

Entry Level MSW for clinical position with Walker Partnership Program in public school in Ashburnham/Westminister

Contact Information

Send resumes and cover letter to:
Nora Rushford, LICSW
Deputy Director, Walker Partnerships

College Readiness Support Coordinator

Hiring Company: CollegeBound Dorchester
Location: Boston, MA

Job Description


The College Readiness Support Coordinator (CRSC) will be responsible for supporting the social-emotional side of the college readiness work associated with College Connections programming. The CRSC will support the continued creation and implementation of intake and placement assessments, and college readiness curriculum. The CRSC will provide training for College Bound Dorchester staff to help staff recognize, evaluate and support students experiencing challenges to their ability to learn arising from social or emotional factors. In addition, the CRSC will provide direct support for students experiencing emotional problems where necessary and where an external referral is not immediately available while continuing to build a referral network of services for students. The CRSC will also oversee student interns and provide additional social work support to staff where possible.


  • Help design and implement a case management protocol for the College Connections program (intake, case notes, case management meeting structure, assessments);
  • Advise and share in the creation of the College Connections social-emotional/college readiness curriculum and assessments;
  • Lead mentoring and group sessions to teach students college readiness and life skills;
  • Convene and manage case management meetings for the College Connections program (scheduling with managers, facilitate meetings, log case notes);
  • Assist and coach College Connections program staff to determine the program's capacity to respond to challenges or provide support for incoming students;
  • Provide training and support for College Connections staff to build their capacity to reach student outcomes;
  • Serve as the primary point of contact for referral and referring agencies to support the building of a referral pipeline to aide in student recruitment and to link students to necessary services;
  • Plan and lead organizational trainings in social and emotional support;
  • Supervise and evaluate social work interns and serve as primary liaison to school of social work partners;
  • Monitor compliance with student support protocol and training policies;
  • Oversee the tracking and updating of student progress using Efforts To Outcomes software, as well as maintaining all other required records;
  • Be proactive in identifying and addressing any conflicts in discharging the essential functions of this role by coordinated and transparent communication with supervisors at both College Bound Dorchester and Family Service.
  • Participate in relevant required trainings and seek out training opportunities that support professional development outlined in the Individualized Professional Development Plan;
  • Adhere to all protocols and norms for communication and professional conduct, e.g. Email and Phone Communication Protocol, Communication Norms;
  • Fulfill all outlined and related functions in a professional, timely, and thorough manner;
  • Complete other duties related to this position as assigned by your direct supervisor.


The ideal candidate will possess the qualifications listed below. The qualifications listed are considered minimum qualifications, unless noted otherwise.

Education: LICSW required (Note: We will consider candidates who are actively pursuing
Independent licensure.)

Experience, Knowledge and Skills:

  • 3 — 5 years working in programs serving youth and young adults living in under-resourced communities — knowledge of the Dorchester area preferred;
  • Experience working with college readiness and life skills curriculum and assessments;
  • Experience training and coaching direct service staff to enhance their practice to better reach student outcomes;
  • Commitment to the mission and vision of College Bound Dorchester and the belief that all students can access and graduate from college;
  • Desire to work in a mission driven organization undergoing organizational and program change;
  • Progressive leadership experience and experience managing/evaluating interns;
  • Proficient use of Microsoft Office suite: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook;
  • Experience working with performance data-base, preferably Social Solutions Efforts To Outcomes;
  • Must function independently and as a member of a team;
  • Highly organized and motivated self-directed learner and worker;
  • Ability to travel between sites and within the community - valid driver's license required.

Contact Information

Noelani Guerrero
Human Resources
College Bound Dorchester
18 Samoset StreetDorchester, MA 02124
Office: 617.506.5956

Program Manager

Hiring Company: Health Leads
Location: Baltimore, MD; New York, NY; Boston, MA

Job Description

Health Leads seeks a passionate and skilled professional to join an exceptional Mid-Atlantic program team. The Program Manager plays a key leadership role in integrating Health Leads into clinical services, working alongside health care providers to develop efficient systems for resource connection, managing and coaching a talented corps of undergraduate volunteers, using data to enhance volunteer performance, and insuring the quality of services to clients. Our program managers are exceptional communicators, relationship managers, and coaches, and have the ability to manage multiple priorities effectively. The ideal candidate will be a seasoned program manager and able to identify and execute innovative solutions to enable Health Leads to realize its quality and growth goals. This is a full-time position . Responsibilities include:

  • Manage and Develop the Volunteer Corps
  • Provide Case Management Support to the Volunteer Corps
  • Build and Maintain Strong Clinic & Partner Relationships
  • Ensure and Track High Quality Service Delivery


  • Bachelor's degree and 3-5 year of clinical/case management experience required; advanced degree in related field preferred (M.P.H. and/or M.S.W)
  • Bilingual Spanish speaker required, bicultural a plus
  • Ability to work evenings and weekends as required to serve an undergraduate population
  • Strong track-record working with community agencies and/or performing case management in clinic or other setting
  • Proven knowledge of landscape of public benefits and community resources and how to facilitate individuals' access to those resources
  • Passion for Health Leads' mission and working with and developing emerging leaders
  • A strong commitment to Health Leads' core values: belief in collective strength and the power of shared work, constant and courageous learning, celebrating our victories and each other, and stepping up as leaders in a common vision
  • Demonstrated experience successfully leading and managing a team of young staff or volunteers
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, with the ability to engage and work closely with a wide range of constituents including Health Leads desk clients, college undergraduates, health care providers, and Health Leads staff
  • Strong organizational, time management and self-management skills, outstanding attention to detail, and high degree of flexibility and self-direction
  • Ability to excel in a highly dynamic, diverse, and entrepreneurial environment

Contact Information

Please visit our careers website ( to apply!

Clinical Services Coordinator

Hiring Company: Center for Community Health Education Research and Services, Inc.
Location: Boston, MA

Job Description

The Community Advocacy Program of the Center for Community Health Education Research and Service, Inc. is a community response to domestic and intimate partner violence based in a network of community health centers serving the Dorchester neighborhood of Boston. The position requires knowledge about resources available, violent crime compensation benefits, difficult pediatric issues, and criteria for filing State 51A reports; also skills related to danger and safety assessment, supportive counseling, conducting support groups, and working with victims from populations with special needs. We are seeking a part ime (20-40 hours per week) Clinical Services Coordinator with the following responsibilities:

  • Provide support and supervision to the Community Advocacy Program Family Advocates holding monthly case conferences to discuss cases they are managing, including psychosocial and mental health issues and safety concerns.
  • Convene and facilitate programmatic and administrative meetings, and provide supervision to social work student interns and volunteers
  • Co-facilitate support groups, including preparation, implementation, and wrap-up and evaluation of groups.
  • Communicate expectations and role of CAP advocates participation in program, to community based organizations, and the community.
  • Hold quarterly meetings with CHC Clinical Supervisors to discuss themes arising in CAP joint Clinical Supervision meetings, consult on supervision issues, and enhance communication. 


  • Current Massachusetts license as LICSW
  • 5+ years of clinical experience with individuals and groups and 2 years supervisory experience
  • Good oral and written communications skills
  • Computer proficiency with MS office

Contact Information

Elmer R. Freeman, MSW, Executive Director

Middle School Social Worker

Hiring Company: Fuller Middle School
Location: Framingham, MA


We are looking for someone who is preferably bilingual in Portuguese and or Spanish

Contact Information

Contact James Bergeron, Fuller Vice Principal at

Mental Health Clinician

Hiring Company: Brookline Community Mental Health Center
Location: Brookline, MA

Job Description

We seek an independently licensed mental health clinician skilled in working with both children and adults who will provide child, adult and family evaluations and psychotherapy. Some school based work or home-based family therapy can be a part of the clinician's responsibilities as well.

The Brookline Center has a strong commitment to training and professional development. The clinician will receive 1-2 hrs./week of supervision andis encouraged to participate in a variety of seminars and in-service lecture series; there is opportunity for providing supervision and/or administrative services on a limited basis.

The Brookline Center is a dynamic, culturally responsive community mental health center that has strives to meet the evolving mental health needs of Brookline and Greater Boston children, families and adults for over 50 years. The Center serves clients with a broad range of emotional disorders from diverse population groups. We are an equal opportunity employer committed to work place diversity

Hours and Reimbursement: The position, which is reimbursed on a fee-for-service basis, will be a minimum of 24 hours per week including 6 hours during evenings or Saturday. This includes both direct service and some indirect time (consultation, meetings, and paperwork) at a ratio of 1 hr indirect for every 4 hrs of direct service.


Independent license required (Lic. Psychologist, LICSW, LMHC) plus 1-3 years of post-doc or post-master's experience in community mental health setting.

Contact Information

To Apply:

Please email resume to, attn: Henry White, MD, Clinical Director.