Simmons Email Account

All students are required to use their Simmons email account found at All official communication between you and the school will occur on your Simmons Account. You are responsible for reading your email. All community notices and communication with class room instructors and field department faculty is on your Simmons email account.  Instructions on forwarding your Simmons email to a different email address can be found on the Simmons Connection information site.


Students are assigned an advisor each year. Advising assignments are posted in the Field Department; all advisors are members of the field department and are experienced clinical social workers. Advisors provide assistance and guidance on academic and field placement issues. Students should plan to schedule a meeting with their advisor during the first several weeks of class and then periodically throughout the year.

Academic Services Center

Students can obtain information about SSW resources and get questions answered about course selection, registration, academic supports, changing status or dropping a course at the Academic Services Center (ASK), located in P304.  To make an appointment or ask a question, send a message to

Community Newsletter

The community newsletter the Weekly Roundup, is sent regularly by email. Read the Weekly Roundup to stay up to date with events and new information.

Student Government

Student government is a student run organization that arranges student activities and works on student issues. The SGA has regular open meetings. The SGA helps to organize the Fall Welcome Party, the Graduation Party and various activities throughout the year, including LGBT week and Diversity Week. SGA members represent students on various SSW and college committees including the Curriculum Committee, Assessment Committee, Academic Standards Committee, the College Honor Board and the Alumni Board. Students receive information about how to volunteer for committee work each fall. All students are encouraged and welcomed to become active members of their SGA.


The Association of Black Social Workers (ABSW) at Simmons works continuously to promote issues relating to the welfare of people of African ancestry. ABSW collaborates with other organizations in the Simmons community to celebrate diversity and to fight for social justice.

Student Mail Boxes

Mailboxes are located on the 4th floor next to the computer lab. Please check your mailbox regularly for communication from your advisor and instructors and information about community events. You can also use them to connect with fellow students by leaving notes for each other.

Student Lounge

A refrigerator and microwave is available for use in the student lounge (next to computer lab on 4th floor) where students gather to eat lunch or informally meet. This is a great for meeting with friends after class or printing out a paper last minute.

The Beatley Library

The library is a great place to study. The first main floor is great for computer usage and meeting up with classmates. The other floors are great for students who prefer very quiet study spaces. The Social Work research resource site is a useful website which provides links to course reserve readings, links to data bases, opportunities for live chats with a librarian and scheduling appointments with the SSW librarian. Check out the helpful resources on the Library website: Social Work Resources.

Additional Study Areas

Quiet study areas include empty classrooms, and the Fens Cafe/Common Grounds Cafe/Meyers Cafe "after hours". Social study areas include the Social Work lounge, and the Fens Cafe/Common Grounds Cafe/Fens Cafe "working hours".

Food Services

The Fens Cafe, located in the lower level of the College Center, is a full-service food court that provides students, faculty and staff with complete meals and snacks. Common Grounds Cafe, located in the College Center, is a full service espresso bar with additional choices including fresh pastries, sandwiches, salads and snacks. Meyers Cafe, located on the ground floor of Lefavour Hall, offers fair trade organic gourmet coffee, espresso and tea service as well as fresh pastries, grab-n-go sandwiches, salads and snacks.

Fenway Card

All students are required to obtain an official Simmons ID card known as the Fenway Card for identification and access to essential College services and facilities. For more information about the Fenway campus card, visit the Campus Card page. Keep a few dollars on your card for a snack, meal or printing.


At the start of each semester a student will get 400 pages of free B&W printing. Information about printing is available at Campus Print site

The Writing Center

The Writing Center is located on the third floor of the Beatley Library. Tutoring appointments can be made by calling 617-521-2479. On-line tutoring help is also available. Please visit Writing Center site for additional information.

Center for Academic Achievement

Provides Services for Students with Disabilities. Please visit the center's website for additional information, downloads and links: Center for Academic Achievement site; Office information: location: P-304, phone 617-521-2474, Fax: 617-521-3079.

Counseling Center

Provides counseling and referral services to Simmons students. Appointments can be made by contacting 617-521-2455, location: P-305. Other resources for counseling are available on the SSW Gateway in the student resources section. Visit Counseling Center site

Career Education Center

Students have access to the Simmons College Career Education Center (CEC), a comprehensive full-service career center. The services of the CEC ( include individual career coaching, career workshops, job fairs and a state of the art career library. Don't wait until you graduate to meet with a Career Center counselor. The Career Center is located in the School of Management Academic Building room M103.

Holmes Sports Center

The Holmes Sports Center is located on the Simmons College Residence Campus. SSW students have access to all the sport facilities including an indoor running track, training equipment, courts, and a pool. For directions and hours go to Holmes Sports Center site.


Information about commuting to Simmons on the MBTA is available on the Commuting Options page

Information about purchasing a student MBTA pass is available at: Discount MBTA passes page.

Information about purchasing student parking can be found at: Student parking page

Get Involved!!

The SSW is a vibrant community. Plan to participate in some of the many community activities such as Diversity week and LGBT week activities, student/faculty colloquium, pizza lunches with faculty.

Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum

All Simmons students can enjoy free admission to the nearby Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum just by showing their Simmons ID. Information can be found on the Library passes page.