For Entering Students

Writing Requirement (Fall Entry)

Online Writing Assessment (Fall Entry Only)

The ability to write clearly and concisely is crucial to successful social work practice.   We are committed to helping you develop strong writing skills.  As part of that process, we require all incoming students (except Advanced Standing students) to take a writing assessment.  You will not be graded on this assessment, but a member of the faculty will read your essay and offer you feedback regarding your skills.  

We expect that you will write the essay without assistance.  The Simmons College Honor Code states that students are expected to present their own work, and should not represent anyone else's work as their own.

There are a few things you need to know in advance to ensure successful completion of this assignment.

•    The writing assessment is administered online.  You will register to take the assessment at a scheduled time between June 16th and June 28th.  Morning, afternoon, evening, and weekend options are available.  Please be sure to register below.
•    The assessment will be emailed to your Simmons College email account at the selected start time.  You must submit your response to within 4 hours.
•    The assessment consists of reading an article and composing a 500-word essay in response to two questions.
•    We recommend completing this assignment on a computer, rather than a tablet or smartphone.
•    Please submit your essay as a .doc or .pdf file.
•    If you cite any sources in your essay, please format the citations according to the APA guidelines.
•    You will receive faculty feedback in late July.

Please register here.

(Note: you must be logged-in to your Simmons email account to access the registration form.)
You may access the article at any time by downloading the following file:
Wade, Allen. (1997). Small acts of living: Everyday resistance to violence and other forms of oppression. Contemporary Family Therapy, 19(1), 23-39.