At the end of Spring semester students volunteer to participate on the student government (SGA) for the following year. The student government meets regularly in open meetings to plan student activities and to address student concerns. In addition to open meetings, the SGA solicits student concerns and feedback through community emails and a feedback box in the student lounge. The SGA represents concerns to the faculty and administration through various mechanisms including meetings with the assistant dean and participation on committees and boards. Student representation on some boards and committees is not limited to an SGA member. In addition, student government members meet with the Assistant Dean during the summer and throughout the academic year to plan activities and initiatives for the next year. Students are encouraged to organize co-curricular activities such as colloquia, support groups and social activities. Students help to organize the orientation as well as the Fall Welcome party, and Spring Graduation party. The SGA representatives report to the student body in the weekly newsletter, in a section titled, " From the SGA" and at open SGA meetings.