Registration occurs three times a year for matriculated students:

  • November for spring semester
  • March for summer semester
  • April for fall semester-continuing students
  • June for fall semester-new MSW students

Registration information is posted on the Simmons website prior to registration and sent via email to students. It contains important information such as course descriptions, class schedules, and prerequisite requirements. Students are expected to stay informed about course requirements and registration deadlines.

All registration is done on AARC (Part of Simmons Connection), the Simmons College online registration system.

For questions about course selections and course sequencing, please contact your advisor or ASK SSW.

For technical issues, please contact the Service Desk (617-521-2222).

For questions regarding AARC registration error codes and registration issues, please contact the Registrar's Office (617-521-2111 or

Other questions should be directed to the SSW Registration Coordinator, Tom Wagtowicz at 617-521-3928 or

  • /ssw/for/msw/registration/info.php
  • /ssw/for/msw/registration/matriculation.php
  • /ssw/for/msw/registration/specializations.php