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Professors and Sophomores Collaborate to Combat World Hunger

world-hunger.jpgSolving world hunger is certainly no easy feat, but during this past winter break, a group of Simmons sophomores set out to do their part to understand and tackle the issue. The first-ever two-week interdisciplinary course titled, “Simmons World Challenge: Food for Thought — Health, Hunger, and Humanity,” was created to identify issues under the broad topic of hunger, health and humanity.

Students lived together on campus, shopped and cooked together, and worked together everyday and throughout the weekend. The challenge was to think globally and act locally, and create workable and well-researched ideas that could be put into effect in the local community.

The course was led by Assistant Professor of Biology & Director of the Undergraduate Program in Public Health, Elizabeth Scott and Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Physics, Michael Berger. The fourteen students also benefited from the resources of teaching assistants from various disciplines across Simmons, as well as a team of on-call faculty from across the college who stepped in to offer information as required by the students. This included: Dr. Lisa Brown and Dr. Larry Dixon from the Nutrition Department (Nutrition and Food Security), Dr. Judah Axe from the Education Department (Evalua- tion and Assessment), Dr. Niloufer Sohrabji from the Economics Department (Economics of Food Production), Dr. Susan Duffy and Dr. Mary Shapiro from SOM (Team Building Strategies). In addition, reference librarian Rex Krajewski provided invaluable support for accessing library resources.

“The class was an awesome experience to connect so closely with Simmons professors from classes that may not be in your major,” says sophomore Keri Arnardottir.

Posted by Kathleen Carr on April 1, 2011 1:52 PM