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Simmons Launches Cohort of Accelerated Degree Programs


In January, Simmons launched a website and created marketing materials for five new accelerated degree programs. The new 3+1 programs are: social work; computer science and library and information science; economics and public policy; political science and public policy; and sociology and public policy. All five programs are in alignment with Strategy 2015, and relate to strategic opportunity #3 - collaborative & flexible undergraduate-to-graduate school opportunities.

The programs capitalize on Simmons’s strengths including faculty mentorship, innovation, preparation for life’s work, and student-centeredness. They are tailored for high-achieving and ambitious undergraduate women who know what they want to do after graduation, and who are focused on completing their studies quickly. The programs also position Simmons well to compete with other schools since graduates of the accelerated programs will enter the workforce sooner and save on tuition.

Posted by Kathleen Carr on February 8, 2012 11:28 AM