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Simmons Launches New Center for Excellence in Teaching

BarbaraWEB.jpgThe much-anticipated Center for Excellence in Teaching (CET) was officially launched in August with new Interim Director Dr. Barbara Walvoord, a professor emerita of English at the University of Notre Dame and founder of four centers for teaching excellence and writing across the curriculum.

The creation of the CET is part of the Strategy 2015 initiative to strengthen the Undergraduate College and will offer valuable resources for faculty including seminars, workshops, and forums where they can exchange ideas with colleagues and text new teaching methods. The CET will also work with Simmons Technology, the library, and other offices to help faculty integrate technology, information literacy, and other aspects into their courses.

In her 2012 Convocation address, Dr. Walvoord said the CET represents Simmons’s commitment to, and investment in, its faculty. Faculty will have a say in what services are offered at the CET and this fall, deans from each college will nominate faculty to serve on a faculty steering committee, which will shape a plan for services that are in the highest demand.

“Simmons is a strong teaching institution, with faculty who care deeply about their students,” she said. “I knew that the Center would have excellent support from both faculty and administrators and that it would be a pleasure to support teaching excellence here.”

The CET is located in the Palace Road Building at P113A. Dr. Walvoord is accessible via email at and phone at 574-361-3857. Visit the CET website at

Posted by Alix Roy on September 13, 2012 11:25 AM