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Faculty and Staff Computers


Technology purchases and supports computers and peripherals (keyboards, mice, monitors, printers, etc.) for the general office use of Simmons faculty and staff. Support includes troubleshooting hardware issues, working with manufacturers, and replacing computers that are at the end of their life cycle.

The Computer Replacement Program manages the replacement of end-of-life computing hardware. It also serves as the contact point for administrators who would like to purchase new, additional general office computers for their department.


Technology licenses and supports a standard set of software installed on all Simmons-owned computers at no cost to departments. This set includes an office productivity suite, email, web browsing, and calendaring software, media viewers, a PDF reader, a file de-compressor, as well as an antivirus program and up-to-date virus definitions.

Some non-standard software can also be requested from the Service Desk. This may include accessibility software, programs for image manipulation, chart, diagram, and formula authoring, web page authoring, desktop publishing, mathematical analysis, computer code development, molecular simulation, fund raising management, and more. Check the requirements to be sure you qualify for the software, and then submit your request.

The Pottruck Technology Resource Center provides training in the use of Simmons standard software and selected non-standard software.

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