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Wireless Network Usage Policy

To help protect your data, your use of the Internet via the Simmons Wireless Network is limited to the following activities:

  • Use of a web browser
  • Accessing your email through an email client such as Apple Mail, MS Outlook or Thunderbird, as long as the client is configured securely.

What you cannot do on the wireless network:

  • Access the file server directly through the computer's operating system
  • Read any email through an email application such as Microsoft Outlook or Thunderbird without configuring it securely (see above)
  • Send email to addresses other than, unless you use web-based email, such as Simmons WebMail, or configure your Simmons email software to provide a username and password for smtp

Technology advises people who wish to send and receive e-mail on the wireless network to use Simmons College WebMail, which allows sending and receiving email, and is secure and encrypted via SSL/TLS.

Additional Support

For assistance using the Simmons Wireless Network, contact the Service Desk or call 617-521-2222.

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