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Simmons students use the nearby Muddy River as a resource to conduct research


The study of chemistry is central to matter and life, and a Chemistry degree can take you many places, including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, energy resources, advanced materials, environmental issues, just to name a few.

The Department of Chemistry at Simmons emphasizes hands-on preparation for the world of work and advanced study to help prepare our students build competence and confidence as professionals.

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Communications teacher shows off student projects


Communications is quickly becoming one of the most popular majors at Simmons - with good reason. Communications is a fascinating and complex discipline that spans design, writing, media, marketing, and everything in between.

Simmons Communications majors and minors confront the challenge of communication for the screen, the page, and the internet while gaining an understanding of the impact of the media on society and the individual.

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Hear our nursing students speak about the Simmons Nursing program


Simmons nursing students are challenged with a very rigorous academic curriculum, but will find the faculty to be exceedingly supportive. The program focuses on shaping students to be come superior clinicians, and students are able to have clinical placements in the Longwood Medical Area, next door to Simmons and home to some of the best hospitals in the nation.

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Simmons students talk about the Nutrition program at Simmons


The Department of Nutrition offers undergraduate majors preparation for a variety of careers in dietetics, nutrition, and food science, and for graduate work in these areas. It prepares students to become Registered Dietitians through the Nutrition and Dietetics major.

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A student reads a book in french

Speak to the World

Studying languages unlocks a world of possiblities, revealing life and culture from around the world, and providing a deep understanding of the human experience.

Many Simmons students enrich their language study with study abroad experiences. The Modern Languages department helps each student develop their interest in language whether she wants to add to her general breadth of knowledge or develop a career in the languages.

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An auditorium class in session

50 Majors

Simmons offers more than 50 Majors, and that's not including Minors, Programs, or the option to design your own major through the OPEN program.

Combined with our internship opportunities, indepedent study options, and fieldwork studies, you'll get an outstanding academic experience. And all taught by faculty who know you and care about your academic success.

Undergraduate Majors, Minors, and Programs

Simmons offers more than 50 majors and programs. In addition to Simmons's established majors, the OPEN program (Option for Personalize Educational Needs) allows students to custom design their own majors. Each major requires a minimum of seven courses, as determined by the associated department. Minors (five courses) are optional. Faculty advisors will help you create a plan that fulfills requirements and satisfies your own goals and interests. Students also may choose from a number of integrated undergraduate to graduate programs and accelerated degrees. Simmons's special programs provide opportunities for further study and specialization, including an honors program, study abroad, and more.

Accelerated Programs

A number of programs allow you to go directly from an undergraduate major to earning a bachelors and a masters degree in as little as four years. Offered programs include:

3+1 programs

Earn a bachelors and a masters in 4 years total.

4+1 and on

Earn a bachelors and a masters in as little as 5 years in Nursing, Nutrition, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy (B.S. in exercise science/D.P.T.), Business, among others.

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In addition to majors, Simmons offers several academic programs to enrich your educational experience:

Additional Languages

Simmons also offers courses in the following languages:

  • Japanese
  • Chinese
  • Italian



Students may also minor in any of the following: